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Square Enix’s Definition Of ‘Weak’ Is A Bit… Off

By | 39 Comments

Yeah, if your games move nearly four million copies and you still lose money, maybe it's not the games that are the problem, Square Enix.


The Unfairly Treated Sex: Four Reasons Girlfriend Characters In Video Games Go Wrong

By | 25 Comments

Your girlfriend in a video game is probably not a great character. Here's where games go wrong with them.


Is 100% Completion In Games Really a Good Thing?

By | 14 Comments

100% completion: fun... or just insidious and obsessive compulsive?


Five Reasons You Need To Play 'Sleeping Dogs'

By | 19 Comments

'Sleeping Dogs' is not just a fun game: it's a great story as well.

darksiders II

'Sleeping Dogs' and 'Darksiders II': Initial Impressions

By | 3 Comments

For once, both games are well, well worth your money.

darksiders II

‘Darksiders II’ Vs. ‘Sleeping Dogs’: Who Ya Got?

By | 4 Comments

The gaming drought finally breaks with two huge titles.

assassin's creed 3

PAX East: "Sleeping Dogs" and "Assassin's Creed III"


Really, the Square Enix and Ubisoft booths can be summed up in these two games.

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