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Ichabod Crane Freaks Out In This New ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Season 2 Clip

By | 8 Comments

Attention Sleepyheads: We've got some new Season 2 footage for you


UPROXX 20: Neil Jackson Of ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Has A Really Great Girlfriend

By | 11 Comments

Neil Jackson of "Sleepy Hollow" was nice enough to take a few minutes out of his busy schedule recently to answer a few questions from us.


Roberto Orci Is Definitely Directing ‘Star Trek 3’

By | 4 Comments

Related: There's apparently going to be a third Star Trek movie.


‘Sleepy Hollow’ Had A Blowout Of A Finale Last Night

By | 31 Comments

'Sleepy Hollow' wraps up a surprisingly strong first season with a blowout finale. Is it fall yet?


Why You Should Be Watching ‘Sleepy Hollow’

By | 16 Comments

'Sleepy Hollow' has been a surprise hit. As it wraps up the season tonight, we lay out why we're going to miss it so much.


‘Sleepy Hollow’ Is Probably Going To Get A Lot Of Hate Mail For Its Latest Episode

By | 32 Comments

'Sleepy Hollow' returns with 'Vessel', an episode that will probably light the Internet on fire.

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The Winners And Losers Among The Fall’s New Network Shows Based On Their Nielsen Ratings

By | 36 Comments

How did the new fall shows hold up over the course of the season? With two exceptions, not very well, according to their Nielsen ratings.


‘Sleepy Hollow’ Made ‘The Golem’ In Its Latest Episode

By | 19 Comments

'Sleepy Hollow' went personal this episode, and also brought in the Kickpuncher.


‘Sleepy Hollow’ Hired A ‘Necromancer’ In Its Latest Episode

By | 30 Comments

'Sleepy Hollow' delivered a great episode last night, the moral of which is mess with Orlando Jones, and he will end you.


‘Sleepy Hollow’ Gets A Head In Its Latest Episode

By | 32 Comments

'Sleepy Hollow' shows some chops in its latest episode.


‘Sleepy Hollow’ Took A Meeting In Its Latest Episode

By | 27 Comments

'Sleepy Hollow's latest episode had a few too many meetings, but the cast saves it.


What’s On Tonight: ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Is Back

By | 24 Comments

The best (and worst) of what's on TV tonight, including the return of "Sleepy Hollow."


The ‘Elementary’ Writers Engaged The ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Writers In An Epic (And Adorable) Twitter Fight

By | 27 Comments

Yesterday, the writers from CBS' 'Elementary' got into it with the 'Sleepy Hollow' writers on Twitter.


‘Sleepy Hollow’ Gets Action-Heavy In Its Latest Episode

By | 33 Comments

As if demons weren't enough, 'Sleepy Hollow' now has German terrorists. Satan is an ass.


Fox Gives 'Sleepy Hollow' A Head Start And Orders A Second Season

By | 12 Comments

We'll have more time to chop some heads in upstate New York; 'Sleepy Hollow' is back for a second season.


‘Sleepy Hollow’ Aims ‘For The Triumph Of Evil’ In Its Third Episode

By | 24 Comments

'Sleepy Hollow' deploys the Emotional Baggage Monster in its third episode, 'For The Triumph Of Evil.'


‘Sleepy Hollow’ Raises A ‘Blood Moon’

By | 21 Comments

The second episode of 'Sleepy Hollow', 'Blood Moon', isn't quite as giddy or campy as the pilot, but it's a lot of gory, goofy fun.


What’s On Tonight: Let The Fall TV 2013 Season Begin

By | 14 Comments

The best (and worst) of what's on TV tonight, including "Sleepy Hollow."

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