To Celebrate The Lego Movie, The Five Best Short Brickfilms


'The Lego Movie' is building on a foundation of a surprising amount of brilliant animation. Here are five great brickfilms that inspired it.


Comics Of Note, January 22nd

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There's plenty of good comics on the stands this week: Here's a look at what's new and hot.


Where Does ‘Devil’s Due’ Fit In Our Satanic Baby Power Ranking?

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'Devil's Due' is one of a long line of Satanic baby movies. But where does it rank among them?


Comics Of Note, January 15th

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Miracleman returns! And there's a whole host of great comics to read today as well.


“Black Widow” #1 And Other Comics Of Note, January 8th

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Black Widow, Batman's 75th anniversary, and more lead off the first major comics week of the new year.


The B-Movies Of 2014: A Gamma Squad Preview

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We all know the heavily marketed would-be hits coming... so here's a look at the b-movies of 2014, in all their glory.


Thunderbolts Annual #1 And Other Comics Of Note, December 18th

By | 30 Comments

The latest Thunderbolts annual features a perverted Doctor Strange. Plus reviews of key books hitting the stands today.


‘Slayground’ And Other Comics Of Note, December 11th

By | 21 Comments

Darwyn Cooke is back with Parker and 'Slayground.' Plus reviews of some of this week's most notable comics.


‘Red Rover Charlie #1′ And Other Comics Of Note, December 4th

By | 32 Comments

'Red Rover Charlie' asks how dogs would take a rage-virus apocalypse. A full review, and reviews of this week's number ones and new issues.


‘Black Science #1′ And Other Comics Of Note, November 27th

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'Black Science' is a book we're giving thanks for... and it's a strong week for comics in general.


‘Manifest Destiny #1′ And Other Comics Of Note, November 13th

By | 16 Comments

'Manifest Destiny' has Lewis and Clark fighting centaurs. Really. Plus a look at some of the other comic books on stands this week.

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GammaSquad’s 50 Greatest Console Games Of The Past Generation (#40 – 31)

By | 30 Comments

Our look at console games continues, with #40 - #31 in our highly subjective rankings!


Want To Bone Up On Your ‘Thor’? Start With These Four Books

By | 14 Comments

Just in time for 'Thor: The Dark World', here are a handful of great books starring everybody's favorite thunder god.


Five Last, Last Minute Nerdy Halloween Costumes

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It's Halloween, and you've got no costume? No problem! Here are five last minute costumes that always work.


‘Robert Bloch’s Pumpkin’ And Other Comics Of Note, October 30th

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'Robert Bloch's Pumpkin' is a ghoulish Halloween treat. A full review, and a look at some other books on the stands.

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Why You Should Buy ‘Battlefield 4′

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There are two huge game releases today; here, we lay out why you should buy 'Battlefield 4'.


‘Marvel Now What? #1’And Other Comics Of Note, October 22nd

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'Marvel Now What? #1' is Marvel at its best self-mockery. A full review, and a look at the rest of this week's new books.


Ten Instant Costumes Just In Time For Halloween

By | 6 Comments

Instant costumes are pretty much just hoodies. But they're awesome hoodies. Here are ten great ones.


Ranking The ‘Friday The 13th’ Movies, Just Because

By | 68 Comments

'Friday The 13th' has a long and rather sordid history. We break it down by which movies are the best.


Here’s This Year’s Crop Of Terrible ‘Sexy’ Halloween Costumes

By | 25 Comments

Sexy, in Halloween costumes, is often code for "lazy", and man, they were really phoning it in this year.

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