Slovenia’s Jasmin Popara Teaches A Master Class In How To Make Somebody’s Head Explode

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Slovenia's Jasmin Popara wins the bloodiest 2-minute MMA fight you'll ever watch by making his opponent's entire head explode. Not literally, but it's close.


This Will Surely End Well

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To further Isaac Asimov's <a href="">first law</a> of robotics (which is far less creepy than Rule 34), Borut Povše at the University of Ljubljana [wut.

Wesley Sneijder

A Tale Of Two Rivals

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<a href=""> Historical rivals dating back to the days of World War II, neighbors Holland and Germany have had frosty relationship on the futbol field as well, culminating in the ’74 World Cup final when a favored Dutch squad boasting the likes of <a href="">Johan Cruyff lost to Franz Beckenbauer</a> and company.

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