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Brian Williams Is Once Again Ready To Slow Jam The News With Jimmy Fallon And The Roots

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Brian Williams is willing and able to slow jam the news to a sultry level with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots.

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Watch Mitt Romney Slow Jam The News With Jimmy Fallon And Questlove

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Mitt Romney joins Jimmy Fallon for a soulful rendition of Slow Jam The News.

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Brian Williams Slow Jammed The News With Fallon And The Roots, Then Stuck Around To Talk GIFs

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There's just something about everyone's favorite news anchor taking part in a harmonized/sexualized fiscal cliff explanation that feels perfect.

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Brian Williams and Jimmy Fallon Slow Jam The News


Jimmy invites NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams on to slow jam the ongoing fiscal cliff saga in Washington.

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Watch President Obama & Jimmy Fallon “Slow Jam The News”

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Jimmy Fallon was joined by a one of kind, special guest last night - the President of the U.

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