The Definitive ‘Franklin & Bash’ Power Rankings

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Definitive rankings of the titular characters on "Franklin & Bash."


St. Louis Had A Dog Parade And It Was Classier And More Intelligent Than Others


As with any Super Bowl, my favorite Monday pastime is reading everyone’s analysis of what they loved and hated, but with much more enthusiasm for the latter.


Meet The Israeli Artist Who Turns Your Old Bicycle Chains Into Dog Sculptures


Back when I was in college, I used to go to the campus police bicycle auction each semester, partly because I thought it was really f*cked up that they just took random bikes that belonged to random people who may have vanished from the face of the Earth for all we know, and partly because I needed a bike.


'Every Day I'm Whistling' Is The Dumbest Thing You'll Laugh At Today


With more than 11,000 views since being posted yesterday, “Whistle Girl (Every Day I’m Whistling)” is well on its way for being a contender for its own “This Week In YouTube Commenter Outrage” post, but it still has a ways to go with less than 20 comments.


If You Bash Kate Upton To Draw Attention To Your Website, Beware The Internet's Rage

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I have a confession, and you may want to take a seat, because this is going to blow your minds.


Clayton Kershaw Looks Different

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The gentleman above in the automobile is screeching barn owl British comedian Russell Brand, who, by all accounts, does not use drugs anymore.


Was Anyone There A Marine Biologist?

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Locals and wildlife nerds are baffled today as they try to determine the cause of death for a gray whale that recently washed ashore in Camano Island, Washington.


The Great Customized Jersey Debate

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I was cleaning out my inbox yesterday (which is an awesome euphemism for a trip to the OB-GYN, ladies) when I came across the above picture of a Baltimore Orioles fan wearing his customized Nick Markakis jersey.

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