Slum Village

The Primer: 10 Slum Village Songs Everyone Should Know

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Trials, tribulations and classics from one of Detroit's finest groups.

Slum Village

Guilt-Free Listening: Slum Village’s ‘Evolution’ Album Stream

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Evolution's a fitting title for Slum Village's new album.

Slum Village

Slum Village – “Forever” Video

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We're pleased Slum Village released this relationship-themed video for their latest single "Forever." Quite frankly, the song's melodramatic drift delivers a vibe that's levels above most the material this legendary Detroit clique has released over the past few years and the push is warranted.

Slum Village

Slum Village – “Forever”

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No matter how you factor the current incarnation of Slum Village into said group's hefty legacy; T3, Illa J and Young RJ are indeed holding the crown down, whether anyone agrees or not.

The Ummah

The Primer: 10 J Dilla Beats Everyone Should Know

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Plenty of words in print, online and on t-shirts praised James Yancey bka J Dilla as a premier, yet overlooked, artist since he died seven years ago.

Young RJ

Slum Village Feat. De La Soul – “Turning Me Off”

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Back in the early '90s, Tribe had most men at the mercy of Ms.

#LeBron James

8.4 The Cooler

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7.15 The Cooler

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Slum Village

Your Daily Funk – “Fall In Love”

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Depending on when you encounter this post, it will either be the perfect slow down from what was probably a hectic but (hopefully) fulfilling day or perhaps the perfect compliment to your morning cup of joe, Flying Lotus reconstructs Slum's "Fall In Love" as a tribute to Dilla.

Villa Manifesto

Slum Village – “Dope Man”

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Slum Village has been through their fair share of trials.


8.12 The Cooler

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Video: Slum Village Interview At Chicago’s Beat Parlor


My main man, 50 grand & all that, Ronnie sent over this interview with T3 and the late Titus Glover aka Baatin of Slum Village, conducted at Chicago's Beat Parlor circa 2000.

The Preface

TSS Presents 15 Minutes With Elzhi

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Words are the only weapons an MC has.

Slum Village

Notable Quotable – Black Milk On “Hell Naw!”

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Now, I don't throw the word "bitch" around carelessly, but this verse makes me be like "beeytch.

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