T Mobile Sidekick

The 5 Things I Loved Most About My T-Mobile Sidekick (Before The iPhone Killed It)

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When the T-Mobile Sidekick, or Danger Hiptop in other markets, first came out it was looked at as a bulky, novelty pager.


BlackBerry Finally Decides To Sell Itself

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BlackBerry is going to sell itself in hopes that somebody wants to buy it.

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No, It Is Not Acceptable To Talk During A Movie, Anil Dash

By | 47 Comments

Anil Dash argues that you should be allowed to talk during a movie. And it mostly makes us wonder if he understand the appeal of movies.


Google’s Moto X Phone: What You Need To Know

By | 3 Comments

The Moto X arrives today, but with limited information. Here's what we know so far.


Optimists Want To Crowdfund A Super Smartphone. For $32 Million.

By | 4 Comments

Meet the Ubuntu Edge. Canonical wants $32 million of the Internet's money to make it. Really.

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Verizon & AT&T Have Finally Realized That You Want Yearly Phone Upgrades

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AT&T Next and Verizon Edge will allow you to trade in your phone every year... for a price.

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T-Mobile Jump Lets You Trade In Your Phone Twice A Year

By | 3 Comments

T-Mobile Jump has nothing, thankfully, to do with Van Halen and everything to do with swapping out your phone.


iOS 7 Hands-On: Different On The Outside, Not On The Inside

By | 4 Comments

A day with iOS 7 reveals that most of what's changed is cosmetic. There are, however, a few improvements under the hood.


Apple Really Wants To Make It Easier To Fix Your iPhone

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Broken iPhone? Apple is trying to make sure it's fixed, with same-day service. Mostly to keep you as a customer.

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The BlackBerry Q10 Is Insanely Popular In Britain

By | 3 Comments

The BlackBerry Q10 has a lot of fans in England, apparently.

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The Smartphone Battery Of The Future Will Jump-Start A Car

By | 2 Comments

Screw your app, in the future a smartphone will be able to pump out more juice than a blender.

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs To Concert-Goers: Put Those “Motherf*cking” Cameras Away

By | 13 Comments

Photo: SPIN Viewing concerts through the megapixel lenses and HD screens of smartphones has become an almost-Freudian urge concert-goers have grappled with over the last decade.


The Samsung Galaxy S IV: Conventional Yet Weird

By | 7 Comments

Samsung has debuted the Galaxy S IV, and it's full of solid features... as well as odd stuff you'll maybe use once.


Rumor: Apple And Samsung Both Introducing Phones That Will Charge Wirelessly In 2013

By | 13 Comments

Apple and Samsung are rumored to be introducing phones with wireless charging this year. No love for charging with Tesla coils?


So Sleep-Texting Is Apparently A Problem Among Teens Now

By | 6 Comments

Shockingly, it may also be used as an excuse.


The New BlackBerry Z10 Looks Good, But Might Cost Too Much

By | 7 Comments

The BlackBerry Z10 looks like a well-considered piece of hardware with an equally well-considered piece of software. But it might also be too pricey.

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Are Game Consoles Still Worth Premium Money?

By | 40 Comments

Now that smartphones have firmly become implanted into everything, it would seem that mobile gaming is poised to make a dent in the traditional television setups as we know them.


The Nexus 4 Sells Out Worldwide


The Nexus 4 is popular as only something cheap can be.


Amazon Is Building A Smartphone To Sell You MP3s


Hey, do you want a smartphone that will constantly try to sell you books, movies, and music while refusing to work with certain apps.


How Smartphones Changed The Way We Sh*t, Sex & Everything Else

By | 11 Comments

Moneyland: There is no denying that smart phones are changing the way we work, play and manage our money.

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