Optimists Want To Crowdfund A Super Smartphone. For $32 Million.

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Meet the Ubuntu Edge. Canonical wants $32 million of the Internet's money to make it. Really.

verizon edge

Verizon & AT&T Have Finally Realized That You Want Yearly Phone Upgrades

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AT&T Next and Verizon Edge will allow you to trade in your phone every year... for a price.

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T-Mobile Jump Lets You Trade In Your Phone Twice A Year

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T-Mobile Jump has nothing, thankfully, to do with Van Halen and everything to do with swapping out your phone.


iOS 7 Hands-On: Different On The Outside, Not On The Inside

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A day with iOS 7 reveals that most of what's changed is cosmetic. There are, however, a few improvements under the hood.


Apple Really Wants To Make It Easier To Fix Your iPhone

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Broken iPhone? Apple is trying to make sure it's fixed, with same-day service. Mostly to keep you as a customer.

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The BlackBerry Q10 Is Insanely Popular In Britain

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The BlackBerry Q10 has a lot of fans in England, apparently.

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The Smartphone Battery Of The Future Will Jump-Start A Car

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Screw your app, in the future a smartphone will be able to pump out more juice than a blender.

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs To Concert-Goers: Put Those “Motherf*cking” Cameras Away

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<a href="http://uproxx.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/bhsvwyiciaancia.jpg"></a>Photo: SPIN Viewing concerts through the megapixel lenses and HD screens of smartphones has become an almost-Freudian urge concert-goers have grappled with over the last decade.


The Samsung Galaxy S IV: Conventional Yet Weird

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Samsung has debuted the Galaxy S IV, and it's full of solid features... as well as odd stuff you'll maybe use once.


Rumor: Apple And Samsung Both Introducing Phones That Will Charge Wirelessly In 2013

By | 13 Comments

Apple and Samsung are rumored to be introducing phones with wireless charging this year. No love for charging with Tesla coils?


So Sleep-Texting Is Apparently A Problem Among Teens Now

By | 6 Comments

Shockingly, it may also be used as an excuse.


The New BlackBerry Z10 Looks Good, But Might Cost Too Much

By | 7 Comments

The BlackBerry Z10 looks like a well-considered piece of hardware with an equally well-considered piece of software. But it might also be too pricey.

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Are Game Consoles Still Worth Premium Money?

By | 40 Comments

Now that smartphones have firmly become implanted into everything, it would seem that mobile gaming is poised to make a dent in the traditional television setups as we know them.


The Nexus 4 Sells Out Worldwide


The Nexus 4 is popular as only something cheap can be.


Amazon Is Building A Smartphone To Sell You MP3s


<a href="http://uproxx.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/kindle.jpg"></a>Hey, do you want a smartphone that will constantly try to sell you books, movies, and music while refusing to work with certain apps.


How Smartphones Changed The Way We Sh*t, Sex & Everything Else

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<a href="http://moneyland.time.com/2012/06/22/how-smart-phones-are-changing-the-way-we-bank-and-drive/#ixzz1z0QRmE5p">Moneyland:</a> There is no denying that smart phones are changing the way we work, play and manage our money.


Boeing To Make Super-Secure Android Phone Because Why Not?


Generally we don't associate Boeing with phones.


Google Maps To Map Indoor Spaces, Be Used Exclusively To Find Public Toilets

By | 2 Comments

Ever had that wonderful experience where you're in a city you don't know and suddenly that burrito you had decides to assert itself.

well we guess fox news needs something to talk about

San Francisco Hates Cell Phones, Science, Common Sense


Every now and then, we're pretty sure the city government of San Francisco looks at each other and says, "We haven't passed a law that makes us look like wussy idiots in a while.

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