This Guy Singing Smash Mouth Lyrics To ‘Imagine’ At Karaoke Deserves A Grammy

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And the Grammy for most clutch karaoke performance goes to...


This Girl Responded To Some Creep’s Facebook Sexts With Smash Mouth Lyrics

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Responding to creeps with Smash Mouth lyrics? That makes you an All-Star.


Smash Mouth’s Steve Harwell Seems Like A Pretty Cool Dude

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"Usually I only hear it when I walk into a Chili’s or something."


Frotcast 200: Laremy, Ben Live From Thailand, and Heather

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This week: Heather the Glib Lesbian, Ben from Thailand, Laremy talks Transcendence, and the world's best Smash Mouth mash up.


10 Beloved Christmas Songs That Never Ever Needed To Be Covered By These Bands

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Bands will always cover old Christmas songs because it's easy and profitable, but some of them just need to stop before they ruin all of the classics.


Important Reminder: Dwight Howard Once Sang A Cover Of Smash Mouth’s ‘All-Star’


I was originally going to pretend that this was a post about Dwight Howard issuing a response to Ice Cube’s “vicious” takedown of the new Houston Rockets center for not staying in Los Angeles, but this whole thing is so stupid that I couldn’t even spare the energy to feign clever snark.


A Les Misérables review in the form of a Smash Mouth song

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Tom Hooper's 160-minute adaptation of Les Misérables, aka the Olympics of Piss-Holding, is a "sung-through" musical, meaning there's no spoken dialog, only singing.

smash mouth

8 Famous Bands You Didn’t Realize Released (Terrible) Albums In 2012

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A collection of famous bands that released a new album in 2012, to little or no fanfare.

smash mouth

Guy Fieri And Smash Mouth Wrote A Cookbook Together

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The unstoppable duo of Guy Fieri and Smash Mouth have teamed up to work on a cookbook called "Recipes from the Road" together.


Friday Free For All: A Smash Mouth/David Lee Roth Duet

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If you've been listening to the Frotcast, you know one of our favorite things ever are those isolated vocal tracks that have been going around the internet.


Lead Singer Of Smash Mouth: Okay, Internet, I Will Eat A Bunch Of Eggs


Recently, like some others, I've noticed references to the 90s band Smash Mouth -- perhaps best known for "Hey Now, You're An All Star" -- and eggs popping up occasionally in my Twitter feed.



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After the jump, see what the Indiana Jones and the Army of Monkeys trailer would've been like if it had been honest.

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