This Very Poor Ad Placement Will Make You Think Twice About A McRib

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After the McRib made its return in the UK, people noticed a bizarre trend of some very poorly-placed billboards.


Apparently Soda May Age Us As Much As Cigarettes

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Will we resist the allure of soda pop now that a new report indicates that it may age us prematurely?


Those Disgusting Cigarette Butts Might Soon Power Your Car

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Cigarettes butts, we can all agree, are disgusting. But they also might just turn out to be useful.


‘Constantine’ Comic-Con Highlights: New Trailer, More Villains, And Constantine Will Smoke

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Here's the Comic-Con trailer for 'Constantine' as well as a panel video and an update about villains and Constantine's smoking habit.


‘Constantine’ Won’t Feature One Of The Best Stories From The Comic

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'Constantine', NBC's upcoming adaptation, looks good. But there's one aspect of the character NBC can't tolerate.

uh oh

REPORT: Smoking Is Even Worse For Your Health Than Previously Thought

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We all know smoking is bad for you. But if that wasn't incentive enough, it's even worse for you than you thought, according to the Surgeon General!

viral video

Russian Construction Worker Lights His Cigarette With An Excavator


A Russian construction worker lights his cigarette, with the help of a fire-carrying excavator.

#Mad Men

‘Mad Men Without Smoking’ Replaces Don Draper’s Cigarettes With Something Much More Enjoyable

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Don Draper stops sucking on deadly cancer sticks and starts blowing on something much more upbeat and celebratory.


Video: A Man In Turkey Locks His Head In A Cage To Quit Smoking

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A 42-year old Turkish man created a cage that he locks his head in to help him quit smoking, as a promise to his family and deceased father.


Mario Balotelli Leads AC Milan In Hissy Fits


If AC Milan star Mario Balotelli is best known for anything it’s being an amazing soccer player.


Lighting a Cigarette With a Hammer


A blacksmith demonstrates how he lights a cigarette in his shop.


Air Break


Smokers catch all the breaks.


Want To Be A Star Athlete? Start Smoking

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The headline reads "Report: Smoking may be beneficial to long distance runners".


A Great Reason to Never Watch Golf


When a legendary sportswriter like Dan Jenkins mentions strippers on his Twitter, you know something's up, especially when he's comparing them to 47-year old Spanish golfers: That could've been a funny enough end to the story, but BBC has provided video of the warm up, and in this "pics or it didn't happen" world it's comforting to know that integrity still exists in the world of new media.


Tampa Loves the Tampa Smokers, Except for the Smoking Part

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The Tampa Bay Rays are planning to pay tribute to the 1951 International League champion Tampa Smokers by wearing throwback Smokers uniforms on July 2.

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