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Golf’s Newest Hazard? RATTLESNAKES!


A Marine and Vietnam vet was bitten by a rattlesnake while golfing, and he really didn't make a big deal of such an otherwise horrifying thing.


Deceased ‘Snake Salvation’ Star’s Son Is Already Playing With The Snake That Killed His Dad

By | 12 Comments

Pastor Cody Coots is going to keep his father's memory alive by probably dying the same stupid way.


The Star Of National Geographic’s Reality Show ‘Snake Salvation’ Died Yesterday From A Snake Bite

By | 28 Comments

Straight out of an episode of last season's 'Justified,' a snake-handling preacher died from a snake bite after refusing treatment.


Today’s Internet Nightmare Fuel Is Brought To You By A Santa Ana Snake Hoarder


A Santa Ana teacher was arrested after nearly 400 snakes were found in the man's home.


A North Carolina Hospital Charged A Guy $81,000 For $750 Worth Of Snake Bite Medicine

By | 14 Comments

A North Carolina man was shocked to find a routine treatment for a snake bite turn into the hospital overcharging him for $700 worth of meds.


Snake Takes A Ride On Australian’s Windshield


An Australian driver discovers a snake on his windshield wipers.


The ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Teasers Ranked From Least To Most Terrifying

By | 27 Comments

An in-depth look at the teaser trailers for FX's "American Horror Story: Coven," ranking them from least terrifying to most terrifAAAAAAHHHHHHHH SNAKES NO NOPE NO.


Python Escapes Pet Store, Kills Sleeping Children In Nearby Home

By | 8 Comments

This story is a tragedy with a side of nightmare fuel: children killed in their sleep by a python that escaped from an exotic pet store.


This Photo Of A Diver Rolling Up On A Giant Anaconda Is TERRIFYING

By | 13 Comments

Sit down, pour yourself a glass of something brown, and relax while we share our feeling about this giant anaconda with you.


A Snake Bit An Israeli Man’s Penis While He Was Taking A Leak

By | 5 Comments

Next time you take a leak, look to see what's in the toilet. Especially snakes.

oh hell no!

OH, HELL NO! Snakes Are Coming In From The Ceiling Now!!!

By | 4 Comments

If snakes coming in through doors wasn't enough to terrify the ever-living crap out of you, how about SNAKES FALLING FROM THE CEILING?

goodbye humanity

This Video Of A Snake Opening A Door Is The Beginning Of Mankind’s End

By | 39 Comments

Better learn how to say "ALL HAIL" in snake, 'cause us humans are doomed.


Cat Survives Battle With Boa Constrictor


Incredible footage of a cat saved from the deadly clutches of a boa constrictor by its owner.

f*ck snakes

So This Is What Happens To Your Blood When A Single Drop Of Snake Venom Gets Into It

By | 20 Comments

Oh, so you don't have a problem with snakes, do ya?! Well, this will change that!


Bear Grylls' Photo Of A 'Brutal' Snake Bite Injury Is The Worst Thing Ever

By | 60 Comments

The new "worst photo of all-time" is this one, taken by Bear Grylls of a snake bite.


Insane Boa Constrictor Demonstration


<a href="">Steve Backshall</a> demonstrates the Boa Constrictor's lethal killing technique -- by letting one wrap itself around his neck.

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