Amazingly, Everything Wrong With ‘Ghost Rider’ Fits Into 17 Minutes

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'Ghost Rider' has a lot of problems, as the 'Everything Wrong With' series gleefully shows us.

don lemon

Twitter Has More Don Lemon Style Suggestions With #DonLemonReporting


Don Lemon has once again derped when he should have herped, and Twitter didn't let it slide. Here are the best jokes from the hashtag.

#Jurassic World

‘Jurassic World’ Debuts New Images And A Snarky New Viral Site

By | 11 Comments

Dinosaurs are synergistic disruptors who think outside the box, at least according to 'Jurassic World's hilarious new viral site.

#Under The Dome CBS

‘Under The Dome': Your Tongue-In-Cheek Guide To CBS’ Summer Flagship

By | 174 Comments

Season two of 'Under the Dome' premieres, and people who yell jokes at screens are excited! Here's what you need to know.


Snob Whines About "Dark Souls" For Our Amusement

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We'd like to respect this article from Slate, but, we're sorry, when the thesis is "Isn't there something better you could be doing.

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