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Snoop Lion’s New Pokemon-Themed Video Is Super Effective


Well, OK, maybe it's not very effective. But either way, Snoop Lion's new video is pretty cool.


Snoop Dogg Gave Conan A Vaporizer For Enjoying ‘Herbal Oils’ This Holiday Season

By | 3 Comments

Watch Snoop Dogg give Conan a vaporizer for enjoying those essential herbal oils that aid relaxation and help daily life seem manageable.

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The Rapper Formerly Known As Snoop Dogg Has Changed His Name Again

By | 7 Comments

Say goodbye to Snoop Dogg and Snoop Lion. Say hello to Snoopzilla.

snoop lion

‘You Got What I Eat’: Kate Upton And Snoop Dogg Parodied Biz Markie For Hot Pockets

By | 7 Comments

Hot Pockets put Kate Upton and Snoop Dogg in a video to promote their product because... well, because they understand how the Internet works


Finally, A Kanye West RPG: ‘Kanye Quest 3030′ Is Real, And We Have Video Evidence

By | 10 Comments

Have you ever wanted to play a video game as Kanye West? 'Kanye Quest 3030' is now available for a free download.

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Drake, The Police’s Stewart Copeland & Major Lazer Assist Snoop Lion On ‘No Guns Allowed’

By | 4 Comments

Listen to a new track, "No Guns Allowed," from Snoop Lion's upcoming album "Reincarnated," with assistance from Drake, Major Lazer, and Stewart Copeland.

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‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Cast Smoked A Ton Of Weed, Then Filmed A Web Show With Snoop (Dogg) Lion

By | 10 Comments

Watch "Sons of Anarchy" actors Charlie Hunnam, David LaBrava, and Mark Boone Junior get high then film a web series with Snoop (Dogg) Lion.


Santa Claus Takes On Snoop (Dogg) Lion As Moses In Latest ‘Epic Rap Battles Of History’

By | 2 Comments

The former Mr. D-O-double-G trades verses with Santa in new "Epic Rap Battles of History."


How Many Times Did Snoop (Lion) Dogg Mention Weed During His Reddit AMA?

By | 5 Comments

Let's count all the different questions and answers about marijuana that Snoop Dogg responded to in his Reddit Ask Me Anything.


The Cautionary Tale of Ebenezer Snoop


The Cautionary Tale of Ebenezer Snoop is a re-telling of a classic holiday tale, with a Snoop Dogg twist.

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Snoop Dogg's New Eli Roth-Directed Video Is Completely Baffling


I just watched this new Snoop Dogg -- aka Snoop Lion -- video for "La La La" and I have no idea what I just watched.


Pocket Like It’s Hot


Snoop Dogg/Lion rephrases his song "Drop It Like It's Hot" to push Hot Pockets, with help from Andy Milonakis, DeStorm Power, Brodus Clay, and Herbie Hot Pockets.

jimmy kimmel

Fun With Snoop Dogg’s Endorsement of Barack Obama


Jimmy Kimmel turns Snoop Dogg/Lion's endorsement into a compelling campaign ad.


Snoop Dogg Is Reinventing Himself As A Reggae Artist Named ‘Snoop Lion’

By | 4 Comments

Snoop Dogg went to Jamaica, smoked some real sh*t down there, and had a transformative experience -- so much so that he's now reinventing himself as a reggae artist named "Snoop Lion."

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