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Snoop Lion’s New Pokemon-Themed Video Is Super Effective


Well, OK, maybe it's not very effective. But either way, Snoop Lion's new video is pretty cool.


Snoop Dogg Gave Conan A Vaporizer For Enjoying ‘Herbal Oils’ This Holiday Season

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Watch Snoop Dogg give Conan a vaporizer for enjoying those essential herbal oils that aid relaxation and help daily life seem manageable.


The Rapper Formerly Known As Snoop Dogg Has Changed His Name Again

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Say goodbye to Snoop Dogg and Snoop Lion. Say hello to Snoopzilla.


Kate Upton And Snoop Lion Want You To Eat More Hot Pockets

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You can't tell me that Kate Upton doesn't smoke.


‘You Got What I Eat': Kate Upton And Snoop Dogg Parodied Biz Markie For Hot Pockets

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Hot Pockets put Kate Upton and Snoop Dogg in a video to promote their product because... well, because they understand how the Internet works

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Eddie Murphy Is Apparently A Reggae Performer Now. Here’s His First Video (Co-Starring Snoop Dogg/Lion).

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Eddie Murphy is a man of many talents. Add reggae performer to that list of talents.

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Finally, A Kanye West RPG: ‘Kanye Quest 3030′ Is Real, And We Have Video Evidence

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Have you ever wanted to play a video game as Kanye West? 'Kanye Quest 3030' is now available for a free download.

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Cory Mo Ft. GLC, Bun B & Snoop Lion – “Chose Me” Video


Longtime Houston hardheaded spitter Cory Mo drops a visual for his pimpin'-themed cut "Chose Me," featuring fellow macks GLC, Bun B and Snoop Lion.

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Eddie Murphy’s Reggae Song With Snoop Lion Is Still Better Than ‘Pluto Nash’ At Least

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The Celtics <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2013/06/doc-rivers-bill-simmons-argue-on-espn">are in shambles</a>.


100-Word Review: Snoop Lion’s “Reincarnated”

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Everyone thought Uncle Snoop smoked the wrong strain of weed when he came back from a trip to Jamaica with the announcement of a reggae album.


The Day Snoop Dogg & Tupac Stopped Seeing Eye To Eye

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People are quick to judge Snoop Dogg's new, Rastafari-influenced music, but they're even quicker to forget that his breakthrough record was about killing undercover cops.

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Guilt-Free Listening – Snoop Lion’s ‘Reincarnated’ Album Stream


From our point of view, there's absolutely nothing wrong with a 40-something-year-old rapper ditching his gangster persona to make positive music.

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Snoop Lion Ft. Miley Cyrus – “Ashtrays and Heartbreaks”

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Following up the release of <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2013/04/snoop-lion-drake-no-guns-allowed-video">"No Guns Allowed"</a> this morning, here's another one from Snoop Lion featuring Miley Cyrus.

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Snoop Lion Ft. Drake & Cori B – “No Guns Allowed” Video

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When we first featured <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2013/03/snoop-lion-ft-drake-cori-b-no-guns-allowed">Snoop's "No Guns Allowed,"</a> we - and readers - were quick to note the song's content showed that Snoop's music is beginning to align with his transformation into a peaceful Lion.


Drake, The Police’s Stewart Copeland & Major Lazer Assist Snoop Lion On ‘No Guns Allowed’

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Listen to a new track, "No Guns Allowed," from Snoop Lion's upcoming album "Reincarnated," with assistance from Drake, Major Lazer, and Stewart Copeland.

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Snoop Lion Ft. Drake & Cori B – “No Guns Allowed”

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I'm slowly coming to terms with this whole Snoop Lion thing.

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