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TSS Presents Fifteen Minutes With Felicia Pearson

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Felicia Pearson was born to play her eponymous character "<a href="">Snoop</a>" on <a href="">HBO's The Wire</a>.

The Layover EP

Alchemist “Lose Your Life”/ Evidence Feat. Alchemist “So Fresh”

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Words By Jason Hortillas Two for one post seeing that The Alchemist has been busy.

The Wire

“When Prison Is Like Heaven”

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Seems like more female rappers are doing jail time than their male counterparts, living the life that these dudes talk about.


Snoop Feat. Game – Gangbangin 101 (Animation)

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I'm really not 100% certain how some of this stuff ends up in the inbox.

Tray Dee

The General…

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Over @ <a href=""></a>, they've got a real nice Big Tray Deee interview.

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