The 30 Best Action Films On Netflix Streaming

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Guns, fists, karate kicks and more ready to stream in your living room.


UPROXX’s Favorite Movies Of 2014

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What were the Uproxx's staff favorite movies of the year? Find out below...


Frotcast 212: ‘Snowpiercer’ And Comcast Calls With Steve Post

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This week on the FilmDrunk Frotcast, we talk 'Snowpiercer' and the Comcast nightmare call with comedian Steve Post.


‘Snowpiercer’ Is A Messy Piece Of Inspired Madness

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If you want to see an action movie that isn't bland, dressed-up Hollywood pandering this Summer, 'Snowpiercer' might be your best bet.


Weekend Movie Guide: Transformers And Dinobots And Giant Paychecks, Oh My!

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'Transformers: Age of Extinction' is set to clean up at the box office this weekend, ensuring 10 more films in Michael Bay's toy franchise.


‘Snowpiercer’ Hits American Theaters This Week! Let’s Celebrate With A New Swinton-Heavy Clip.

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It's Tilda Swinton vs. Chris Evans in probably the last 'Snowpiercer' clip you'll watch before it hits American theaters!


Chris Evans Gets His Dirty Hands On Tilda Swinton It In The Latest ‘Snowpiercer’ Trailer

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In the latest trailer for 'Snowpiercer,' Chris Evans finally gets his dirty hands on Tilda Swinton in the battle of the rich and poor.


The Red Band Trailer For ‘Snowpiercer’, Now With 90% More Bass

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Check out the newest footage of Tilda Swinton in all her cat-lady-crazy glory.


Things Are Getting Especially Bloody In The ‘Snowpiercer’ Red Band Trailer

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Chris Evans leads the poor, huddled masses against a bunch of dudes with a ton of weapons in the 'Snowpiercer' red band trailer.


The Most And Least Anticipated Movies Of Summer 2014: Part 1

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X-Men, Spider-man 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, Transformers 4 - we sift through Summer 2014's movie offerings and tell you what's what.


Snowpiercer Has A Release Date; Hold All My Calls

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The next big dystopian sci-fi flick might not actually be that easy to find this summer.


‘Snowpiercer’ Won’t Be Cut, But At A Terrible Price

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'Snowpiercer' will not be dumbed down for us rubes, but that doesn't matter as the Weinstein Company has guaranteed you won't see it.


Comics Of Note, January 29th

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This week's comics are a bit light, but there's plenty of great stuff on the stands.

The Weinsteins

Japan Is Getting ‘Snowpiercer’, So Here’s A Japanese Trailer Packed With New Footage

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The Weinsteins don't control Snowpiercer's fate everywhere on the planet...


Alison Pill’s Semi-Automatic And Chris Evans’ Axe Are Ready For Two New ‘Snowpiercer’ Videos

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'Snowpiercer' still doesn't have a U.S. release date set, but that's not going to keep us from enjoying two excellent new trailers.

uh oh

‘Snowpiercer’ May Be Dumbed Down For American Audiences

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Whenever genre fans see the name "Weinstein" tied to a movie that looks fun and exciting, their stomachs do a slow flip.


New ‘Snowpiercer’ Animated Short Shows How Humanity Ends Up Stuck On A Giant Train

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A new animated featurette attempts to explain the wacky world of Snowpiercer...


Chris Evans Brought An Axe To New ‘Snowpiercer’ Trailer And Videos


We now have a shorter trailer and several videos about 'Snowpiercer' starring Chris Evans.

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