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‘Selma’ Director Ava DuVernay Wasn’t At All Shocked By Her Oscar Snub

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'It's math,' she said of the largely white male directors branch of the Academy.

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Zach Galifianakis Should Have Received A Golden Globe Nomination For ‘Birdman’

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Zach Galifianakis was great in the critically-lauded 'Birdman.' Why wasn't he nominated for a supporting award?

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The 10 Totally Most Serious Greatest Oscar Snubs In The History Of Cinema

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There have been great and offensive Oscar snubs in the history of films, but none more than this totally serious list of 10 movies.


Comic Book Movies Really Got Shafted At The Oscars This Year

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Comic book movies made billions at the box office... and apparently have, according to the Academy, almost no artistic merit whatsoever!


Hold Me, Lana: The 2012 Emmy Snub Awards

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A complete list of actors, actresses, and television shows that were either snubbed or at least deserved some consideration.


5 Series The Eisners Should Have Considered For "Best New Series"


This year, the Eisners, the awards the comics community gives themselves for being awesome, decided that everything new sucked.


Corey Haim snubbed in SAG Awards ‘In Memoriam’ tribute

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(I choose to remember Corey Haim the way he lived -- loosely related to Greasy Sax Dude) There are snubs and there are snubs, but there's no bigger slap in the face for an actor than getting left off an "In Memoriam" montage the year you die.



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The Oscars traditionally takes time out during the show to remember movie people who died the previous year, and they traditionally F it up by forgetting to include some notables.

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