Why The Supreme Court Just Killed Aereo: An Explainer

By | 19 Comments

The Supreme Court killed Aereo, but the networks shouldn't celebrate yet.


Is Facebook On The Verge Of Accidentally Committing Suicide?

By | 11 Comments

Facebook thinks it's far more indispensable than it actually is. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

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Why Comcast Is About To Lose Its Data Caps

By | 7 Comments

Comcast is trying to merge with Time Warner Cable, but if it realistically wants that to happen, it's going to have to kiss its data caps goodbye.

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Will ‘Call Of Duty’ Fall Victim To The Next-Gen Curse?

By | 3 Comments

The 'Call of Duty' franchise has sold tens of millions of games. But its time might be over.


Retrospective: Joe Hill’s ‘Locke And Key’ Ends Today

By | 2 Comments

'Locke and Key' releases its last issue today. Here's a look back, and why we'll miss Joe Hill's horror series.

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‘Assassin’s Creed’ Has Done In Connor Kenway

By | 4 Comments

The Assassin's Creed series won't be following up with Connor Kenway.

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BlackBerry Is Dead. It Just Doesn’t Know It Yet.

By | 8 Comments

BlackBerry is headed off the stock market in a private sale, and it's likely soon. But why?

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SURPRISE, Snapchat Photos Are Actually Saved To Your Phone

By | 4 Comments

Yes, your Snapchat pictures are recoverable. No, you can't magically delete your nudes off other people's phones. Welcome to the future!

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Why Are The Stalwarts Of PC Gaming Going Console?

By | 17 Comments

The Steambox, the NVidia Shield, 'Diablo III' for PS3... why are PC gaming's stalwarts heading for consoles at speed. We take a look at their motives.


Sprint Finally, Finally Dumping Nextel

By | 5 Comments

Yes, Nextel is still around. But not for long.


Apple Is Killing The iPod, And Good Riddance

By | 6 Comments

Hey, remember when the iPod was hip and with it.

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