Purin the Super Beagle Would Like Her World Cup Now, Thank You


Purin the Super Beagle playing soccer is the most entertaining soccer-related dog video you'll see today.


Is This The Saddest Flop In The History Of Organized Soccer?

By | 15 Comments

Watch one of the most pathetic flops in soccer history, courtesy of a fat man who just received a gentle tap on the shoulder.


Check Out Nike’s Amazing Animated Short, ‘The Last Game,’ Just In Time For The World Cup

By | 11 Comments

Nike outdoes the competition with this amazing animated short that channels Pixar by way of 'Space Jam.'

#2014 FIFA World Cup

John Oliver Took FIFA To The Woodshed Just In Time For The 2014 World Cup

By | 49 Comments

John Oliver's excitement for the World Cup is tempered only by his knowledge of FIFA.


Go Behind The Scenes Of Alex Morgan’s Swimsuit Issue Shoot If Your Heart Can Stand It

By | 20 Comments

Sports Illustrated uploaded a video of Alex Morgan's latest swimsuit issue shoot, and it features, among other things, twerking.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

Yahoo! Is Giving World Cup Fans The Chance To Take On José Mourinho In Fantasy Action

By | 3 Comments

Chelsea manager José Mourinho has teamed up with Yahoo! for some World Cup fantasy action and a special video showcase contest.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

The New ‘Game Before The Game’ World Cup Ad From Beats By Dre Is Also Spectacular

By | 10 Comments

Beats by Dre's 'Game Before The Game' World Cup ad features a ton of stars and celebrities, and will make you want the games to start now.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

Cerveza Cristal’s Pro-Chile World Cup Ads Are Hilariously Terrifying

By | 5 Comments

Chile's soccer fans have a reason to laugh at the 2014 World Cup's 'Group of Death' in these wonderful Cerveza Cristal commercials.


Emails Surface That Qatar Bribed FIFA For The 2022 World Cup

By | 11 Comments

England's Sunday Times reports that millions in bribes were spent.


Charles Bronson Smothered Himself In Butter And Attacked 12 Guards Because Arsenal Won The FA Cup

By | 12 Comments

Tottenham fan and Britain's most notorious prisoner Charles Bronson fought 12 guards because he couldn't stand that Arsenal beat Hull City.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

ESPN’s 2014 FIFA World Cup Posters Are Going To Be Your New Desktop Backgrounds

By | 13 Comments

ESPN enlisted Brazilian artist Cristiano Siqueria to create this incredible series of World Cup team posters.


Five Points On 2014’s UEFA Champions League Final

By | 6 Comments

Lisbon, Portugal's "Cathedral" saw millions of prayers answered and dashed in 2014's Champions League Final.


Shakira’s ‘La La La (Brazil 2014)’ Is Way Better Than Pitbull’s World Cup Anthem

By | 13 Comments

As if she heard the complaints over Pitbull's World Cup anthem, Shakira conveniently released the far superior 'La La La (Brazil 2014).'

#2014 FIFA World Cup

Landon Donovan Has Been Left Off The United States World Cup Roster

By | 39 Comments

Much to the dismay of soccer fans across America, Landon Donovan didn't make the USMNT's 2014 World Cup roster.


The Soccer Ghost Is Back And Ready To Mildly Haunt Some Soccer

By | 18 Comments

The soccer world continues to be haunted by ghosts! Here's a ghost running out onto the field and sorta interrupting a game. GHOSTS Y'ALL.


Vogue España Issued An Unnecessary Reminder That Cristiano Ronaldo And Irina Shayk Are Attractive

By | 5 Comments

Cristiano Ronaldo is completely naked on the cover of Vogue España, with his girlfriend Irina Shayk conveniently hiding his world cup.


FIFA Now Admits That Awarding The World Cup To Qatar Was A Mistake

By | 17 Comments

FIFA is finally willing to admit that the World Cup in Qatar might be a mistake, but not for the reason you might be expecting.


Let’s Take A Long, Thorough Look At Alex Morgan’s Golf Swing

By | 6 Comments

Soccer fox Alex Morgan posted an Instagram video of her golf swing (and of her dancing), so you should probably check that out.

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