wolf at the door

An Olympian Found A Wolf Wandering The Hallways In A Sochi Hotel In The Least Surprising Story Of The Day

By | 11 Comments

USA Olympian Kate Hansen opened her Sochi hotel room door to find A WOLF. Do not disturb, for the love of God.


Watch This Cat Absolutely Destroy A Sochi Olympic Arena Ceiling

By | 8 Comments

An Olympic arena ceiling is no match for this tiny tabby.


All Of The 2014 Winter Olympics Athletes Are Using Tinder To Hook Up Because Why Not

By | 11 Comments

2014 Winter Olympics athletes are using the matchmaking app Tinder to hook-up. Might as well keep warm.


Russia Is As Russia Does: The Best (Or Worst?) Of #SochiProblems

By | 19 Comments

Sochi has a lot of problems. Here are some of our favorites.

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