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Facebook Wants To Make You Read Facebook Paper


Facebook Paper is... rather familiar looking.

bad idea

Here’s How Your Facebook And Twitter Pages Could Prevent You From Getting A Loan

By | 6 Comments

Like to post about dodging bill on Facebook? That might catch up with you.


Cornell University Researchers Are Hunting For Time Travelers In Social Media

By | 12 Comments

Time travelers might give themselves away in social media. OR WILL THEY?!


The First Post On The Official ‘Star Wars’ Tumblr Page Is Absolutely Perfect

By | 3 Comments

The official 'Star Wars' Tumblr account debuted today, and like its Instagram account, it had the perfect first post.

busy octopus

Get Ready For ‘Twitter: The TV Show’

By | 4 Comments

Lionsgate TV is going to adapt the best-selling book "Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal."


Facebook Is One Step Away From The Awesomeness Of A ‘Dislike’ Button

By | 5 Comments

While Facebook has introduced a 'dislike' thumbs down to the Messenger app, we still don't have a 'dislike' button for regular use.


Facebook Is Giving Everyone Autoplaying Video Ads For Christmas

By | 2 Comments

Surprising no one, Facebook is officially experimenting with video ads that just start playing. Get ready for the cheap product invasion.


Twitter Totally Britta’d Its Block Feature, At Least For Short Time

By | 4 Comments

Twitter's block feature is now a mess, in service to improving Twitter's already shoddy metrics.


Why You Should Unfriend Instead Of Unfollow On Facebook

By | 3 Comments

Facebook now has an Unfollow button. But if you're going to unfollow somebody, stop and ask yourself whether you should unfriend instead.


Jack Vale’s Social Media Prank


Internet prankster Jack Vale pulls a prank on strangers that might make you reconsider some of your social media habits.


Twitter And Google+ Both Just Made Photo Sharing Easier

By | 4 Comments

Photo sharing is about to be a lot easier on Google+ and Twitter.


So The Tweeting Bra Is A Thing That Exists

By | 2 Comments

Oh, great, a tweeting bra, just what society needs.

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Why It May Be Time For Facebook To Go Subscription

By | 11 Comments

It's past time for Facebook to start charging. Why it'll be better for the site, and much better for its users.


Facebook Will Not Longer Let You Omit Your Profile From Search, Making It Easy For Stalkers To Find You

By | 7 Comments

Facebook wants to be the Google of People, but in its desire to abridge your privacy, it might finally have gone too far.


No, Facebook Is Not Killing Human Relationships

By | 6 Comments

Jerks keep trying to blame Facebook for their behavior, and we've just about had enough.

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Twitter's IPO Filing Is Full Of Juicy Factoids

By | 9 Comments

Twitter is having an IPO, and according to data provided by Twitter... that's a terrible idea!


Yes, Instagram Photos Are Back On Twitter. No, It’s Not Official.

By | 2 Comments

Yep, you can get your Instagram photos back on Twitter. And just how illustrates how dumb it was to pull them in the first place.


The Best Sports Vines Of All Time Compilation, Because Why Not


The Best Sports Vines Of All Time Compilation, featuring mascot bowling, talking Hulk Hogan photos, Donte Stallworth singing Lee Greenwood and more.

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Iran Reconnects With The World Through Facebook And Twitter


Iran has lifted the ban on Facebook and Twitter... but why?

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