New Study Finds That Instagram Users Tend To Like Photographs That Are Not So Great

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Instagram users like it when their pictures are badly taken outside. Seriously.


Facebook: The Musical


The world's #1 social network -- and the experience of using it -- gets a musical tribute of sorts.


The Wall Street Journal Will Launch A Social Network


In a bid for relevancy, the Wall Street Journal will launch a social network. It might be as popular as Google+!

Social Networks

People Really Seem To Be Liking This Pinterest Thing


Pinterest: Showing the power of religious kitsch and sub-Taylor Swift glurge since 2011.


Five Inevitable Ways Your Social Network Will Be Ruined

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Social networks are beautiful things, putting us in touch with our friends, people that used to be our friends, and total strangers who want to be our friend because we have the same name as somebody they knew in high school.


Five Ways Social Networks And Their Users Butt Heads

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There's one problem with any business: customers.

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