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The Xbox One Interface Is About To Get More Like Windows 8

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Nobody really likes the Xbox One's interface. So Microsoft is going to make it more like Windows 8! That'll help!


As Of December 20, Winamp Will Be No More

By | 28 Comments

In a message on the Winamp website, the company announced that as of December 20, users will no longer be able to download new versions of the MP3 player.


Ubuntu Comes To Tablets, Might Actually Let You Use A Tablet For Work


"Ubuntu Tablets" might soon be more than a terrible band name.


iOS 6 Is Actually Really Good

By | 8 Comments

iOS 6 is supposedly a digital turd. Except it's really a digital can of polish.


How to Block Those Annoying Political Posts on Facebook


If you just can't take the political posts (and the endless debates that come with them) in your Facebook feed any longer, here's how you can essentially block them from ever appearing again.


Noisy Typer


Noisy Typer is a real, free piece of software that plays typewriter sounds as you type.

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XPadder Is The Best $10 You’ll Ever Spend On Software


After years out of it, I got back into PC gaming recently because I'm Creative Director around here and playing PC games is going to be, one way or the other, part of my job.


The DC Comics App: This Will Save The Company?

By | 2 Comments

As you may have heard, starting today DC comics are hitting digital stands day-and-date with bricks-and-mortar ones.


New Software May Change the Way We Win Oscars

By | 16 Comments

The idea that an actor could undergo a drastic transformation for a role and automatically become a candidate for critical acclaim Scientists in Germany have developed software that can make actors appear thinner, fatter, taller or more buff on screen.


Sweden Gets World’s Largest Drum Machine


Music software designers Propellerhead Software, creators of the Reason 5 midi studio rack, decided to promote their products in a big way.

Virtual Reality

Seven Technologies That Are Going to Kill Us All

By | 23 Comments

Across the centuries, many things have been predicted to end the world.

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