This Modern Version Of ‘Pac-Man’ Will Make You Despair For The State Of Gaming

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A new video highlights some of the ridiculous stuff we have to put up with in modern gaming.


A Mom Is Blaming Another Stabbing On Internet Legend Slender Man

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A mom in Ohio is blaming an attack on her daughter's slight interest in Slender Man.


Two Preteen Girls Stab Friend 19 Times, Blame Internet Legend Slender Man

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Two 12-year-old girls are being charged as adults in the attempted murder of a classmate, an act they claimed was done for The Slender Man.


The Avengers’ Breakfast Club And Other Mashups


Featured mashup videos of the week, including The Avengers' Breakfast Club, 'Walking Dead' as a sitcom, 'Back to the Future' plus 'Man of Steel', and 'Star Wars' parodies.

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Something Awful’s Comedy Goldmine Ruins Classic Video Games With Photoshop

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The goons of Something Awful photoshopped classic video games to add in modern gaming "innovations" which actually suck.


‘Breaking Bad’ And ‘Star Wars’ Are Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together

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'Breaking Bad' and 'Star Wars' meet in photoshops, .gifs, and a video made by the Something Awful forum goons. The force is strong with the one who knocks.


Lead Singer Of Smash Mouth: Okay, Internet, I Will Eat A Bunch Of Eggs


Recently, like some others, I've noticed references to the 90s band Smash Mouth -- perhaps best known for "Hey Now, You're An All Star" -- and eggs popping up occasionally in my Twitter feed.

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A few people sent me this today - it's a feature on SomethingAwful in which the basic concept is movie posters altered to reflect how a child might see them.

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