Sonic Lost World

Sonic Is Crossing Over With ‘The Legend of Zelda’ And It Actually Looks Kind Of Amazing

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Zelda and Sonic, one great taste and one okay-ish one that hopefully will taste good together?


Nintendo Direct Roundup: New Kirby, No Donkey Kong In 2013 And A Shake-up For Zelda

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Nintendo fills the world in on Wii U and 3DS games coming out in 2013 and early-2014...

Sonic the Hedgehog

Here’s A Look At The Refreshingly Not-Robotnik Villains Of ‘Sonic Lost World’

By | 2 Comments

It took 20-years, but the Sonic series finally came up with some villains that aren't Robotnik...

Sonic the Hedgehog

‘Sonic Lost World’ Has Some Interesting Power-Ups

By | 3 Comments

You can turn into a bouncing pink music note in the new Sonic game. Yup.

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