Let’s Take A Second-By-Second Look At ‘The Bachelorette’ Rap Video Featuring Soulja Boy Because It’s The Worst

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Here's a rap music video featuring Soulja Boy and the Bachelorette cast because awful things exist in this world.


7.4 The Cooler

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Kansas Patrick Bill Clinton Netted $13.


All The Haters Have A New Anthem

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It’s been a while since <a href="">I’ve checked in on Houston rapper Riff Raff</a>, and this is hardly breaking news, but every once in a while it’s fun to stare at a warehouse fire in complete awe.


PoV: Soulja Boy’s Weed Swag Snacks Vending Machine

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Last night, while watching King James and the Heat fall further into their usual midseason, after the All-Star Game slump, someone retweeted this interesting picture from <a href="" target="_blank">Soulja Boy's</a> Instagram page.


Circus Stunt Rider Fails to Properly Superman That Ho

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Before today, my only knowledge of the Shrine Circus is that they put out buy-one-get-one-free coupons at every local grocery store, charge you five dollars to park, reveal at the gate that each individual ticket is forty dollars and you can't get a refund on parking.


Soulja Boy Feat. Game – “Too Faded”

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Man, I swear Game dissed Soujla Boy at some point in his career, but I guess rap memories are fleeting.


Congratulations, Soulja Boy, You’re No Longer The Worst Rapper In Georgia

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This is a funny hype song written and produced for UGA by some students: for the students, fans, faculty, and TEAM.


Soulja Boy Released From Jail, Claims “I’m Innocent”

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In case anyone was worried and needed an update, Soulja Boy is free on $10K bond after <a href="">yesterday's unlucky arrest</a> landed him behind bars.


Soulja Boy Arrested For Weed, Releases Movie All In One Day

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Soulja Boy continues to make the headlines for everything except music after being arrested and charged with <a href="">weed and weapons charges</a>.


9.12 The Cooler

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Maria Allure Could Google Steal Hulu and Throw a Wrench in Netflix's Plan.


Where Be They Now: Riff Raff Of MTV’s ‘From G’s To Gents’

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Much like our fair leader, Ufford, I am not a big fan of reality television.

Calvin & Hobbes

6.15 The Cooler

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Stephanie NYC Soulja Boy Says Racist Facebook Comments Were Made By Hackers [T9E] Sean Bean Stabbed in Bar Fight, Orders Another Drink [Warming Glow] High School Senior Facing 8-Year Prison Sentence for Bringing Blow-Up Doll to School [GOT] Jada Pinkett-Smith Describes Working With Jay-Z; [...].

Amber Rose

5.19 The Cooler

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Natasha Georgette How Harold Camping Calculated The May 21 End Date [Washington Post] 71 Ridiculous And Insane Craigslist Ads [Uproxx] Soulja Boy Facing $1 Million Lawsuit Over Canceled Show [The Boombox] Twitter Beef: Keyshia Cole & Lil Kim Rumble Up Timelines [Vibe] Stephy C, Up [...].

Amanda Diva

The Week That Was: The Royalty Edition

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<a href="">Insert Your Own Caption Of The Newlyweds -- The Beastie Boys did what the Knicks couldn't - <a href="">take over Madison Square Garden</a>.


Soulja Boy Is The New Tupac

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<a href="">Somebody's head just exploded upon reading that headline. A few days ago several people on my Twitter timeline began venting their frustrations in reference to Soulja Boy playing the role of Bishop in what was billed as the sequel to Juice. All I could do was shake my head. It wasn't because sequels rarely live up to the original (let us all pray Hangover 2 avoids this curse) and a movie like the aforementioned 1992 classic is better left untouched. Rather because Rule #210 in the Unwritten Rule Handbook of Hip Hop clearly states recreating Pac's work and expecting it to be met with open arms is a lost cause. I specifically remember Hov catching flack for <a href="">"'03 Bonnie And Clyde"</a> and he already had Reasonable Doubt, Vol.


4.11 The Cooler

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<a href=""> LLove Jersey Shore Cast Members Will Earn Six-Figures Next Season <a href="">[Vulture]</a> Soulja Boy Vs.


Soulja Boy – “Weed And Shoes” Video

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<a href=""> More songs about marijuana and money? You bet! What's there to be said about <a href="">Soulja Boy</a> that hasn't already been documented.

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