#Weird Al Yankovic

‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Becomes Norm Al On The New Episode of ‘Sound Advice’

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'Weird Al' sits down with Janessa Slater (AKA Vanessa Bayer) for the worst career advice of his life.

st. vincent

Vanessa Bayer Tries, Fails To Give ‘Sound Advice’ To St. Vincent

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St. Vincent has comedy credibility, the least profitable of all the credibilities.


Vanessa Bayer’s ‘Sound Advice’ Is Even Better When She’s Interviewing NOFX


The guys from NOFX sat down with Vanessa Bayer's Janessa Slater for 'Sound Advice,' and the result is hilarious.


Vanessa Bayer Gives Drake Some Terrible Advice On Changing His Name


Drake probably shouldn't listen to media coach Janessa Slater, played by Vanessa Bayer.

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