Sounds Of The Apocalypse: Ylvis – “Work It” Video

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Not sure whether we should blame <a href="!/audibletreats/status/114379992019898368">Audible Treats</a> or <a href="">Hex Hawking</a> for pointing out Ylvis' "Work It" video but one of them should receive the slander.

Sounds Of The Apocalypse

Sounds Of The Apocalypse: Freddie P’s “Imma Boss” Video

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I've never actually heard of Freddie P previously and know next to nothing about him minus his claims of being from Jupiter, according to his <a href="">Twitter profile</a>.

Sounds Of The Apocalypse

Sounds Of The Apocalypse: Kid Sister’s “Motivation” Remix

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Let me preface things by saying I enjoy Kelly's chart-banger, as stated <a href="">many times</a> before.


Sounds Of The Apocalypse: MC Meals On Wheels’ “Vagina Ain’t Handicapped”

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For every male flash in the pan that gains notoriety, there must be a female counterpart.

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