North Korean Athletes Won’t Be Disrespected

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Despite being a nation still celebrating the all-natural and not-at-all-staged marriage of Kim Jung-Un to former singer Ri Sol Ju, who clearly loves him for his looks and personality, all was not well yesterday for the people of North Korea.

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Will South Korea Get “Diablo III”?


Every country has something it's irrationally touchy about.


Trolls Can Troll In South Korea Again

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When South Korea decided that they were going to demand that it be required to collect the Resident Registration Numbers (the Korean equivalent of Social Security numbers) of anyone who posts comments on any website getting more than 100,000 visitors a month, they were told that it was a bad idea.


Kim Jong Il's Latest Criminal Enterprise: Hacking Online Games For Prizes


As you may have heard, North Korea is just weird, on about every level possible.

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Three Countries Hate Captain America

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Sorry, Drunkards, our fair leader seems to be missing today.


What Is The World Protesting Now?


While the world watched major modern revolutions over the past few weeks, some of the people who had the most influence and impact aren’t quite so quick to take their due credit.


Robot Filipinos Are Teaching South Koreans English

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There's apparently a shortage of English teachers in South Korea, but the Philippines has tons of them.

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Nun’s New Hymn: “Been Caught Stealing”


What do an Israeli soldier and a New York nun have in common.

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South Korea Is Good At Advertising

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Another post, another sexy music video.

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S. Korea To C-ck Block Video Games At Midnight

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When it comes to video games, I'd like to go on record as stating that nobody rages harder than the South Koreans.

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