Ranking The 10 TV Shows That Ended In 2013 We Will Miss The Most

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Let us take one last opportunity to mourn the passing of these 10 great television shows in 2013.


10 TV Shows That Are Much Better Than You Probably Think They Are

By | 156 Comments

Ten TV shows that you may have wrongfully dismissed early on that are much better than the premise or the marketing makes them out to be.


‘Southland’ Has Been Canceled By TNT

By | 17 Comments

TNT cancels "Southland" after five seasons.


What’s On Tonight: The Last ‘Southland’ Ever, Possibly

By | 28 Comments

The best and worst of tonight's TV listings, including what will likely be the last episode of "Southland."


The 10 Most Devastating Moments In The 5th Season Of TNT’s ‘Southland’

By | 30 Comments

A look back at the devastating season 'Southland,' one of the best shows that you're not watching.


What’s On Tonight: Can We Talk About ‘Southland’?

By | 36 Comments

'Southland' toplines a great night of cable offerings.


What's On Tonight: 'Southland' Returns And Margo Martindale Pops Up On 'The Americans'

By | 31 Comments

The best and worst of tonight's TV listings, including the season premiere of "Southland" and Margo Martindale on "The Americans."


Which Of These 5 TV Guest Stars Are You Most Excited About?

By | 12 Comments

Five guest stars appearing on 'Parks and Recreation,' 'Go On,' 'Modern Family,' and more.


TIL: Ratings-Wise, How Do Your Favorite Basic Cable Shows Stack Up Against Each Other?

By | 38 Comments

Television websites like WarmingGlow and others cater to a very specific, and relatively small, audience.


TV GIFs of the Week (with Extra 'Community')

By | 51 Comments

We're still waiting to hear how “Community” did last night ratings-wise, but no matter the answer, the numbers will be slightly skewed (for the better).


What's On Tonight: 'Justified' Is Back Up Top

By | 11 Comments

Justified (FX) - I tried to mix it up and get some fresh blood at the top of this post the last few weeks, but it's time for the king to reclaim his throne.


The Best Show On TV You're Not Watching Will Be Renewed for a 5th Season

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It's not a flashy show; there are no Boyd Crowders or other memorable villains; and it doesn't inspire next-morning GIFs, but TNT's "Southland" has quietly become the best show on TV you're not watching.


What's On Tonight: 'Cougar Town' (Wine) and 'Justified' (Bourbon)

By | 13 Comments

Image via FX Justified (FX) - We're officially at the point of the season where things are starting to get SERIOUS.


What’s On Tonight: The Return of Penny Can

By | 33 Comments

Cougar Town (ABC) -- If you've never seen the show because of its lame title, or if you checked out after the first few episodes before the show found its legs, I cannot emphasize enough what an incredibly funny show you're missing.


What’s On Tonight: Three of the Best Dramas on Television, That’s What

By | 15 Comments

Southland (TNT) -- I know we're all about "Justified" here on WarmingGlow, and for good reason, but I thought we'd give some header love to "Southland," which is probably the best television drama you're not watching.


What’s On Tonight: What Do You Think?

By | 28 Comments

Justified (FX) - Raylan takes on Oxycontin dealers and presumably shoots one or more of them in the chest and/or face.


What’s On Tonight: Carla Gugino on ‘Justified’

By | 13 Comments

Justified (FX) - Carla Gugino is on tonight's episode.

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