Spanish Police Are Investigating A Video Showing A Woman Performing Oral Sex On 24 Men For Free Wine

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A young woman in Spain is the talk of the Internet after a video of her blowing 24 men for a free drink went viral.


A Man Is Suing British Airways Because His Flight Went To Grenada Instead Of Granada

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Imagine setting up your expensive dream vacation. Now imagine getting off of the plane in the wrong country. It gets worse.

2014 FIFA World Cup

Cerveza Cristal’s Pro-Chile World Cup Ads Are Hilariously Terrifying

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Chile's soccer fans have a reason to laugh at the 2014 World Cup's 'Group of Death' in these wonderful Cerveza Cristal commercials.


Sven Boekhorst Took His Latest ‘Cityhopper’ Documentary Across Europe


Inline skater Sven Boekhorst grabbed his blades and ramp and recorded a new 'Cityhopper' documentary while traveling across Europe.


Watch What Happens When This Dancing Lady Drastically Underestimates A Wave

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VIDEO: Watch what happens to this dancing Spanish lady when she drastically underestimates the size and power of an oncoming wave.


Cristiano Ronaldo Attended The Unveiling Of His Wax Figure And/Or Sex Doll


Madrid's Museo de Cera welcomed Cristiano Ronaldo this weekend, as they unveiled the soccer star's new wax statue.


The Running Of The Bulls Is Underway At The San Fermin Festival In Spain

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The first day of the San Fermin Festival began with the Running of the Bulls, and four people were treated for minor injuries while no gores were reported.


A Town In Spain Will Mail Your Dog’s Poop To You If You Don’t Pick Up Their Mess

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Spain, leading the world in shaming people who don't pick up after their dogs.


Miguel Angel Jimenez Is Back, And More Stretched Out Than Ever

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Back in July of 2011, we posted a video of <a href="" target="_blank">Spanish golfer Miguel Angel Jimenez's borderline erotic, hypnotically fascinating warm-up routine</a>.


Pedro Almodóvar's new movie looks really… fun?

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Spain's Pedro Almodóvar is basically the epitome of "acclaimed foreign auteur," and when you think acclaimed foreign auteur, you think of movies like Amour, Michael Haneke's heartbreakingly beautiful ode to old people having strokes.


The Lady Who Destroyed The Jesus Fresco Now Wants To Get Paid? Sounds Like A Good Time For Memes.

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The old lady who destroyed the 'Ecce Homo' Jesus fresco now wants part of the money donated to the Church. We respond with funny photoshops.


This José Calderón Kia Commercial Is Fake. I Am 99% Sure.


Once upon a time, the more gullible of our ilk could watch television and believe <a href="" target="_blank">LeBron James sinking full court shots</a>, or <a href="" target="_blank">Michael Vick having the power to throw a football out of a stadium</a>.


Move Over, Melissa Tancredi: Nicolas Batum Just Stole The Show

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While people want to turn video of <a href="">Melissa Tancredi stepping on Carli Lloyd’s head</a> into the next Zapruder film, I think the majority of us can agree that Argentina’s Facundo Campazzo <a href="">blatantly hitting Carmelo Anthony in the nuts</a> was one of the lowest points of Olympic competition.


So Are Spain’s 2012 Olympic Uniforms Trying To Look Like 1990s Hulk Hogan Or What

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By way of <a href="" target="_blank">Sportress Of Blogitude</a> come these pictures of Spain's real, actual 2012 Summer Olympic uniforms, and to say they make the country's best athletes look like pizza delivery boys or some sort of anthropomorphic kethups and mustards is an understatement.


Elijah Wood starring in a version of Speed where the bus is a piano

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I saw this story about Elijah Wood joining a Spanish film called Grand Piano in my news feed a bunch of times without reading it because it sounded boring, but now I'm kicking myself for not clicking through to the subheadline.

severed penis

Stop Whatever You’re Doing Right Now And Watch This Spanish Pizza Commercial

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I suppose I should warn you and let you know that this commercial contains a cameo by a severed penis.


Morning Links, with Spanish Poop Statues

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From the <a href="" target="_blank">Telegraph</a>: "A ceramic figurine of Michael Jackson defecating is seen at a market in Barcelona, Spain.


This Parrot Sure Does Love Soccer


America may have the best all-around animals in the world – <a href="">Keyboard Cat</a>, <a href="">Lobster Dog</a>, <a href="">Birthday Dog</a>, <a href="">American Squirrel</a>, and my dog Lilah, among others – but today we are featuring a pet from Spain that may give every animal in the world a run for the title of Coolest Pet Ever.


World’s First Double Leg Transplant?

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A man in his 20s who lost both legs in a traffic accident and was unable to walk with prosthetic limbs underwent the first double leg transplant last Sunday under the care of Pedro Cavadas and his team of about 50 staff members at the La Fe Hospital in Valencia, Spain.

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