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a giant has left us

A Tribute To Ray Harryhausen’s Life And Work In GIFs

By | 10 Comments

Ray Harryhausen has left us. But he won't soon be forgotten.


Turkish TV Show Forgets To Put Special Effects Into Ridiculous Scene

By | 7 Comments

An STV show in Turkey forget something important in a key scene: special effects.

special effects

The Undetected Visual Effects On ‘The Walking Dead’ Will Blow Out Your Mindhole

By | 18 Comments

Check out how 'The Walking Dead' looks before and after visual effects are added.


6 Dumb Things Movies Do to Make Their Special Effects Less Effective

By | 25 Comments

Most of the movies us nerds are looking forward to in 2012 have something in common -- lots and lots of special effects.

beavis and butt-head

Real-Life Beavis And Butt-Head Are Pure Nightmare Fuel

By | 4 Comments

<a href="">According to Redditor "lunyboy,"</a> Hollywood makeup artist/special effects wiz <a href="">Kevin Kirkpatrick</a> created these prosthetic models of Beavis and Butt-Head to show what the characters from the iconic MTV cartoon series would look like in real life.


Ghana’s Terminator/Predator movie looks legit

By | 31 Comments

Here we have the trailer for 2016, a movie from Ghana which seems to be set four years in the future, in a time when both Terminators and Predators roam the Earth.



By | 34 Comments

Multiple Oscar winning special effects guru Stan Winston died Sunday of complications from <a href="" target="_blank">multiple myeloma</a> at the ripe old shitty age of 62.

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