Whoops! Florida’s Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Rugs Proclaim ‘In Dog We Trust’.

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The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office made an unfortunate yet hilarious typo in their new office mats.

the emancipation proclamation

A Kentucky 7th Grader Set The All-Time Record For ‘Jeopardy! Kids Week’ Last Night

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A 7th grader named Skyler Hornback set the all-time Kids Week record on Jeopardy! tonight with a $66,600 single-show victory.

spelling mistakes

Something’s Not Right At The College World Series

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As the College World Series is underway in Omaha, a lot of people are more focused on a hilarious spelling error on one of the dugouts.


And The Award For Worst Yearbook Mistake Goes To… ‘Home Run Hitler’

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In a yearbook ad taken out by his family, a boy was mistakenly labeled as their "Home Run Hitler" instead of the intended "Home Run Hitter".

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