face your fears day

A News Station Pranked Its Meteorologist For National Face Your Fears Day


The team at Fox 17 in Michigan had a little fun at Kelly Smith's expense when they switched her weather green screen to footage of spiders.


Finding A Giant Spider In Your Coke Bottle Is Your New Worst Nightmare

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ATTN: there are now spiders in bottles of Coke. We're doomed.


This Skateboarding Cat Restores Our Faith In Skateboarding Cats

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Here's Didga, the skateboarding cat. She's been trained to do tricks with a remote-controlled skateboard, which is the best use of a trainer's time.


Meet RoboSimian, Your New Terrifying Robot Spider Overlord


Sure, RoboSimian is based on the movement of apes. Right. Sure it is. Anybody got a large robotic shoe?


Dozens Of The World’s Deadliest Spider + Grocery Store Banana + London Family = NOPE.

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That banana you're eating could be coated in deadly spiders. Sorry.


UPROXX Video: Daddy Advice


He's got eight thousand kids.


Meteorologist Freaks Out Over Gigantic Spider During Live Weather Report

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A weather girl sees a HUGE spider on camera. She reacts the way we all would.


Spider Scares Weather Girl


Meteorologist Kristi Gordon gets a bit of a scare when a spider crawls across the weather camera during her forecast.


Rutgers Basketball Coach: Spider-Killing Hero


Raw practice footage shows shamed basketball coach <a href="http://clipnation.com/tag/mike-rice/">Mike Rice</a> was actually protecting his players from a race of super spiders.

Sri Lanka

Congrats to Science for Discovering New, Terrifyingly Huge Tarantula

By | 18 Comments

Hats off to science, which potentially just introduced a new giant species of spider to the world.


Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming: This Must Be The Life Of Pi

By | 8 Comments

Today's new DVDs are a fantastic assortment of films that run the gamut from the Oscar-winning Life Of Pi all the way to The Taint.


Nuke It From Orbit: Thousands Of Spiders Showering The Skies In Brazil

By | 9 Comments

In a town in the south of Brazil, thousands of spiders work together making "sheet webs" across the sky. This video is the stuff of nightmares.


The Spider Who Couldn't Hide


This spider is having a hard time concealing itself.

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