Spike Is In Talks To Get Back In The Wrestling Game With Ring Of Honor

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Spike is in talks to bring ROH to Friday nights, and running the rumour mill so fast it could power a small town for a week.

#Impact Wrestling

TNA Impact Finally Announced Their New Network Television Deal

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Impact Wrestling finally has a new home. Will this be a real TNA TURNING POINT for the company?


Let’s Talk About Tonight’s Geeky Television: ‘Gotham’ Gets Bullock’s Goat

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'Gotham', 'Sleepy Hollow', 'Star Wars Rebels' and more is on tonight as we launch a daily look at nerdy TV.


A ‘Cops’ Crew Member Was Shot And Killed While Filming An Armed Robbery

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During a call for an armed robbery at a Wendy's in Omaha, a 'Cops' sound guy was shot and killed.


Swerve! Vince Russo Won’t Be Returning To TNA … Or Will He?

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Vince Russo came clean about his working relationship with TNA, and by "come clean" we mean "is still trying to set up swerves."


Spike’s ‘Frankenfood’ Is The New Cooking Competition Show That Wants To Make You Vomit

Promoted by Frankenfood

'Frankenfood' drops the pretense and goes straight for the gross.


Watch America’s Greatest Comedy Duo Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Roast Don Rickles

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"Jesus, I thought that was somebody's purse." Poehler and Fey are the greatest.


The 25 Greatest 'Manswers' Screencaps

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For far too long, I was ignorantly unaware – until movie blogger/world record holder for most Max von Sydow puns in a single article (one), Vince Mancini, introduced me to possibly the greatest show ever: “Manswers.


Valve Calls Half-Life 3 Rumors “Trolling”. UMADBRO?


Ever since a purported employee of Valve wore a Half-Life 3 T-shirt to a game developer event, rumors have circulated that Valve would announce HL3 soon or release an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) campaign.


Portal 2’s Wheatley Would Have Accepted VGA From SPAAAACE


Earlier this month, Wheatley from Portal 2 was nominated for a Video Game Award from Spike in the "Character Of The Year" category, so Valve made this video voiced by Stephen Merchant, which some fans interpreted as a convoluted hint about Half-Life 3.


Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Citizen Kane’ of Video Games Looks Scary…I Think?

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Earlier this year, nerd boners (and she-nerd boners) everywhere reacted when they caught wind of an announced secret gaming project that film director Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy, Pan's Labyrinth) would be involved with.


‘Entourage’ on Spike, Starring Hot Chicks & Gary Busey

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As far as I can tell, nobody watches "Entourage" for the acting or writing or plot.


New ‘Lost’ Video Features Dharma 40s

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The Scream Awards air tonight on Spike TV, whatever those are and whatever channel that is.

YouTube Doubler

Michael J. Fox Recreates Shot-For-Shot ‘Back To The Future’ Teaser

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I don't watch the Spike channel and mainly it's because their programming sucks, but it also has to do with the fact that I don't read Maxim magazine either.


Timely: Spike Announces Mining Show

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Fresh on the heels of the Chilean miner rescue, Spike has announced a new docu-series called "Coal," which follows the lives of miners in West Virginia.


Denise Richards Is Doing Great

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Denise Richards, who was once widely respected for her Neve Campbell-kissing skills and willingness to get naked, is facing the ultimate insult.


Penguin with a Penguin Backpack

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When the Japanese aren't busy penguin backpack on his trips to the fish market.


Spike Enters the Midget Game

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Back in February, I wrote about "Half Pint Brawlers," a new show about midget wrestling that Spike was developing (they consider the term "little person wrestling" to be too respectful).



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Skepti-kitty is gonna hold off on that thumbs-up.



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Spike TV has always sucked, but usually in an endearing way: the channel may shamelessly cater to retarded young males, but stuff like "World's Most Dangerous Stunts Gone Wrong" is surprisingly watchable.

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