The Top 10 Bombs of 2010 (Will Soon Include Warrior’s Way)

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This week at the box office, Tangled and Harry Potter flip flopped, with Tangled taking over Harry Potter's number one spot.


An Open Letter to Adrien Brody – What Happened to You, Man?

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Adrien Brody - actor, movie star, possible monster rapist.


“Cube” Director Remakes “Species”

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There are two kinds of summer movies: hugely expensive blockbusters, and cheesefests starring formerly respected actors who are just picking up a paycheck to support their heroin habit.


@ss to mouth and Adrien Brody

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It seems like all the creature movie trailers hit around the same time, so I'm combining them into one post to create a new, horrifying monster that I will now go ass to mouth with.


Adrien Brody is doing great

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Below is the new trailer for Vincenzo Natali's Splice, starring Sarah Polley and the youngest actor ever to win the Best Actor Academy Award, Adrien Brody.

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