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Three Major Games Hit This Week. Which Should You Buy?

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August 20th is the first busy week of gaming in a while. We look at the three major titles arriving this week.


Conan O’Brien And J. Cole Review ‘Splinter Cell: Blacklist’ For Clueless Gamer

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Conan O'Brien returns for another Clueless Gamer segment on 'Conan'. They've replaced Aaron Bleyaert with J. Cole. Let's see if anyone notices.


Clueless Gamer: ‘Splinter Cell: Blacklist’


Conan reviews "Splinter Cell: Blacklist" with a lot of help from Grammy-nominated hip-hop artist J.


‘Splinter Cell: Blacklist’ Trailer Unleashes The Panther

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'Splinter Cell: Blacklist' sneaks up on us with a gameplay trailer, and forces us to make 'Anchorman' jokes.

Spies vs. Mercs

Spies And Mercs To Continue Their Feud In 'Splinter Cell: Backlist'


Those darn spies are picking their hacking hobby back up...


Here’s Why I Won’t Be Reviewing ‘Splinter Cell: Blacklist’ (UPDATED)

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Ubisoft decides if you dislike digital torture with no scientific or factual basis in reality, you must not like awkward political realities. Sure, right.

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Ubisoft Proves There’s Still Stealth In Splinter Cell: Blacklist In A New Video


Splinter Cell: Blacklist isn't all shooting dudes in the face -- being a sneaky f--ker is still very much an option in the game...

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