The Dog Shame Blues

Daisy is such an adorable nightmare that her owners made a dog shaming song/video to the tune of Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues.


Just Bought a Whistle

A parody about the NFL's replacement refs, set to Flo Rida's "Whistle.


Call It Maybe

A 'Call Me Maybe' parody making fun of the NFL's atrocious replacement refs.


iPhone 5: A Taller Change Than Expected

What if Apple didn't just make the new iPhone screen a little taller -- they made it 795% times taller.


The Breaking Bad Show

Jimmy Kimmel, Bryan Cranston, and Aaron Paul imagine what Breaking Bad would've looked like before cable.


Breakbad Mountain

Cooking meth takes special chemistry.


If I Was Your Batman (Justin Bieber "Boyfriend" Parody)

Batman spoofs Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend.


If Condom Commercials Were Honest

No extravagant hyperbole or glamorization here.


LEAKED iPhone 5 Promo Video

The iPhone 5 is the best phone to take pictures of your food and mask your unhappiness.


Hard News: Inside Correspondent Training Camp

The Daily Show did a fantastic spoof of Hard Knocks to show how its correspondents are prepping for the upcoming conventions.


The Real Housekeepers of Long Island

With so many Housewives wreaking havoc, there's gotta be some Housekeepers around to clean up the mess.


The Bone Legacy

Jason Bone was the tip of the tail as Canine Agent Buddy Bailey proves in this parody of The Bourne Legacy.


Animals Acting Like Sharks Week

All the thrills of Shark Week.


Bane After Batman

Ever since The Dark Knight Rises ended, Bane has had to go back to the real world.


Cute Meeting Fail

A chance encounter goes exactly as it would in a romantic comedy.


Batman Meets Two-Face

Batman has some trouble comprehending what happened to Harvey Dent.


Horatio: The Early Years (Supercut)

Before he was a pun-heavy forensic analyst and homicide detective in the Miami-Dade Police Department, CSI's sunglasses-clutching, one-liner-spewing Horatio Caine got his start solving mysteries in his own backyard.


Of Course There's A 'Scary Movie 5' And Of Course It Might Star Lindsay Lohan


Last week, an old friend of mine posted on his Facebook account that he got a role in the upcoming Paranormal Movie.

the 80s

We Still Ain't Found Sh*t: Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Spaceballs


A long, long time ago in this galaxy, there was a decade known as the 1980s.

why god why?

Seltzer & Friedberg prepping Hunger Games parody 'The Starving Games'


When it comes to doing more with less, Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg could challenge Helen Keller.

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