This Lady Is Just Really Into Supporting The Team

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There's one way to yell at a sporting event and then there is this way. This lady is just really into her team.


Watch This Enthusiastic Royals Fan Scare The Living Crap Out Of A Reporter On Live TV


We thought being alert to enthusiastic sports fans would have been something you learn on the first day of reporter school.


Watch Some Chelsea Fans Pretend To Know About Players Who Don’t Exist

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A Manchester United fan hit the street to ask Chelsea fans about new players that don't exist and of course they pretended to know about them.


Michigan Fans Went Jorting, And I Have A Fantastic New Idea For WrestleMania

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That was the announcement from @UMMaizeRage, the "official twitter of the University of Michigan Maize Rage, college basketball's most passionate and attractive student section.


Today In Racist Soccer News: Zenit St. Petersburg Fans Issue ‘We’re Not Racist, But’ Statement

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I'm not an expert on soccer, and I'm certainly no authority on civil rights, but if I've learned one thing from being on the Internet for 15 years, it's that anything prefaced with, "I'm not racist, but," is about to get really racist.

#LeBron James

A Brief Examination Of Why Miami Heat Fans Don't Care That You Hate Them

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Barring a miracle, the Miami Heat will win the NBA Championship.


Trash Arguing About Garbage

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Foul balls -- people who want them, and the fatter, meaner people who end up taking them -- have become an important topic of discussion at With Leather.


Aussie Rules Football's Really Sh*tty Weekend

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One of the more under-appreciated leagues in the world of sport is Australia's AFL.

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