Charles Barkley On The Time He Was Traded To The Lakers, NBA Analytics, And Liking Republicans

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Over the All-Star break, Charles Barkley sat down with SI's Richard Deitsch and was a willing participant in a wide range of topics, including basketball analytics, the 2016 Presidential race, and the time during the middle of the 1992 season when he was traded from the 76ers to the Lakers.

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LeBron James Announces His Return To Cleveland In ‘Sports Illustrated’ Essay

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It's official: LeBron James is returning to Cleveland to play for the Cavs.


For Her 22nd Birthday, Here Are The 22 Essential Kate Upton Videos

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Kate Upton turns 21 today, and we're celebrating by sharing her 21 most crucial, essential Internet videos. Happy birthday, Kate!


Go Behind The Scenes Of Alex Morgan’s Swimsuit Issue Shoot If Your Heart Can Stand It

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Sports Illustrated uploaded a video of Alex Morgan's latest swimsuit issue shoot, and it features, among other things, twerking.

The Shoe Game

I Lace My Shoes Up One At A Time, Just Like You

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Another entry in the journal of a sneaker fiend.


Nick Saban Doesn’t Really Give An Elephant’s Ass If You Like Him Or Not

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When asked if he's upset that Sports Illustrated has him on a list of sports' most disliked people, Nick Saban did his Nick Saban thing.


‘Kate Upton’s Butt Deserves More Attention’ Says Kate Upton

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Sports Illustrated's latest swimsuit video features Kate Upton discussing her boobs and butt and having fun on the beach. Revolutionary!

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Jabari Parker Wrote That He’s Leaving Duke For The NBA In A Sports Illustrated Op-Ed


In an article for Sports Illustrated, Duke's Jabari Parker explained why he finally chose to leave college for the NBA after one season.


Kate Upton Wants Smaller Boobs So She Can Go Braless (Yes, This Is News)

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Kate Upton, on the verge of movie stardom, declared that she wants smaller boobs and that Cameron Diaz has the body she wants. NO.


Carol Alt Kind Of Sort Of Basically Called Kate Upton Fat

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In a recent interview, former model Carol Alt trips all over her words while trying so hard to not say that she thinks that Kate Upton is fat.


5 Lessons We Learned Watching Kate Upton Float Around In Zero Gravity

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Kate Upton took a trip on a Zero G aircraft and floated around for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, and we learned 5 important lessons.

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The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Cover Models Tell Jimmy Kimmel What It’s Like To Be Gorgeous

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Chrissy Teigen, Nina Agdal and Lily Aldridge stopped by 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' to talk about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

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Ranking 50 SI Swimsuit Issue Covers, From Most To Least Swimsuit Showing

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Fifty years of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues, 50 years of swimsuit models.


Here Are The Most Important Parts Of The 2014 SI Swimsuit Issue Teaser Trailer

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The 2014 SI swimsuit issue is almost out, and Kate Upton has finally shown up in the teaser trailer. Interest level rising to maximum.


Who’s Gracing The Cover Of The 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue?

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Is it Kate Upton? Is it Emily Ratajkowski? Is it both!? Or maybe it's really just three models with Barbie heads. Either way, here is the cover for 2014!


The 50th Anniversary Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Will Feature Barbie And People Are Pissed

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Some people have expressed disappointment and outrage that the 50th Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue will feature a four-page spread for the Barbie Doll.


The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models Made An Air Safety Video For Air New Zealand

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Some of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue models teamed up with Air New Zealand to make a delightful air safety video.

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