Least Surprising Internet Thing Today: Madonna’s Brit Awards Fall Got The RKO Treatment

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Madonna fell down at the Brit Awards, and the Internet was RKO'ing her before she hit the ground.


#OVOCena Is The John Cena And Drake Mashup That Will Complete Your Life

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John Cena is on his worst behavior. Motherf*ckers never loved him.


Watch Jameis Winston Get RKO’d From Outta Nowhere In Today’s Best Explanation For That Rose Bowl Fumble

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Jameis Winston and FSU lost the Rose Bowl in tremendous fashion, and here's Randy Orton to explain why.


And Now, King Kong Being RKO’d Off The Empire State Building

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The RKO From Outta Nowhere vines genre has peaked with this clip of Randy Orton RKO'ing King Kong off the Empire State Building.


It Was Fun While It Lasted: WWE Is Doing RKO Vines

By | 37 Comments

Remember the Randy Orton RKO Vines meme from two days ago? WWE caught wind and is doing officially sanctioned versions. BOO, HISS.


The Randy Orton RKO Vines, Now Guest Starring Stone Cold Steve Austin

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Now that the RKO Vines are a big Internet hit, they're covered in watermarks, piled into compilation videos and full of guest stars.


You Won’t Be Able To Stop Watching Randy Orton Hurt Strangers In The Best Of ‘RKO Vines’

By | 26 Comments

Randy Orton's RKO has become Vine's hottest meme. Watch the Viper incapacitate a bunch of clumsy strangers.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

Bo Dallas Has A Motivational Message For Every Sad Miami And Argentina Fan In The World

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WWE's Bo Dallas has a motivational message for anyone sad about LeBron James or the results of the World Cup final. What a nice guy!


Kendrick Perkins Declares Mike Miller The Most Comfortable Lawn Chair In The NBA


Kendrick Perkins decided to spend some time sitting on Mike Miller, big brother style, during game 3 of Thunder/Grizzlies. So comfortable!


Larry David Is Totally Awake And Excited About The New York Knicks


TV's Larry David is not afraid to yawn like a dinosaur, as seen in this Vine from Monday's New York Knicks overtime.


The Best Sports Vines Of All Time Compilation, Because Why Not


The Best Sports Vines Of All Time Compilation, featuring mascot bowling, talking Hulk Hogan photos, Donte Stallworth singing Lee Greenwood and more.

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