On Stuart Scott, Cancer And Praying For A Childhood Hero

By | 75 Comments

In honor of Stuart Scott in the wake of the legendary ESPN anchor's passing.


“Undone”: The Story Behind Weezer’s Debut Album Cover

By | 12 Comments

The players behind the creation of the inconic Blue Album's artwork tell how it came to be.


In Which A Guy Drinks An Entire Bottle Of Hennessy In 30 Seconds

By | 26 Comments

Next up, a hangover even the Devil himself couldn't fathom.


Let’s Predict Possible Plots And Cast For ‘True Detective’ Season 2

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We have the ideas. It’s up to writer Nic Pizzolatto to actually pen the scripts, unless HBO is willing to pay us to assist.


NFL Draft Prospect Skips Combine, Hangs Out In The Airport For Days Instead…All On God’s Orders

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Used to be God would tell a guy to build an ark or carry some stone tablets down a mountain.


Disappearing Acts: 14 Sad Finales Of Former NBA Superstars

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These guys were all faces of franchises at one point. They just didn't finish their careers with them.


The Details: Nike Free Trainer 3.0, 5.0 & 7.0 ‘Silver Speed Collection’

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The UPS fairy came through on Friday with an amazing delivery from Champs Sports.


The 10 Best Gadgets Unveiled At CES 2014

By | 26 Comments

Highlighting the best of the best from the annual Las Vegas show.

Instagram Announces Direct Messages. The Internet Responds With Memes, Of Course

By | 37 Comments

Social networks have fun in response to the arrival of Instagram Direct.

R. Kelly Started #askRKelly On Twitter And Things Didn’t Go Too Well

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Need a job? Update your LinkedIn and holler at R. Kelly because something tells me he's going to be in need of a new social media manager after today.


Florida State, Auburn Headline 2013-2014 College Football Bowl Schedule

By | 8 Comments

The full slate of college football bowl games. Plan your life accordingly.


Dear Internet, This Isn’t How You Mourn Mandela or Paul Walker

By | 37 Comments

The Internet pays tribute to Nelson Mandela in the worst ways possible.


It’s Jay Z’s Birthday, Y’all! So Let’s All Watch That “December 4th” Video Beyonce Made For Him!

By | 22 Comments

He was conceived by Gloria Carter and Adnes Reeves, who made love under the sycamore tree. Or so the urban legend goes.

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