#LeBron James

Sprite Announces Limited Edition LeBron James Drink


On Wednesday, Sprite announced it would be releasing Sprite 6 Mix in commemoration of LeBron James.


New Sprite Commercial Features The Intense “LeBron Face”


Sprite has decided to kick off an interesting marketing campaign with LeBron James.


Brown Sprite


The guy behind the Crystal Pepsi disaster gets another chance.


Who Wants This Sprite #Uncontainable Game Briefcase Filled With Goodies?

By | 10 Comments

Right now, Sprite is looking for the best amateur players in the world to compete in their "Uncontainable Game" at All-Star Weekend 2013.


A Historical Look At 1998’s NBA Lockout Commercials

By | 8 Comments

There's nothing funny about an NBA lockout, but that's not to say that it can't inspire some hilarious TV commercials.


Video: Drake Drinks Sprite

By | 19 Comments

Wheelchair Jimmy becomes mechanical & recharged for the minute-long version of his Sprite commercial which will air during the NBA's ASG weekend.


Yeah, This Wouldn’t Play On Monday Night Football (NSFW)

By | 23 Comments

This German Sprite ad > pretty much anything on US television.


Obey Your Funny Bone…

By | 24 Comments

I want it take it back to the old school for a second.

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