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The New English Trailer For ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Turns The Series Into A Slick Car Commercial


Square released the newest trailer for 'Final Fantasy XV' to celebrate Jump Festa 2015 and it looks as amazing as we expected.

final fantasy

Sony Is Bringing The Version Of ‘Final Fantasy VII’ You Didn’t Want To The Playstation 4


Sony and Square Enix announced a rerelease of 'Final Fantasy VII' for the Playstation 4, but it's not the version you're thinking about.

Life is Strange

Square-Enix Tries Out The Episodic Adventure Game Thing With ‘Life Is Strange’


Somebody's finally challenging Telltale's dominance of the episodic adventure game market.

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The Latest ‘Thief’ Trailer Answers Every Question You Might Have About The Game And More


Got any questions about the new Thief? This very in-depth new trailer will probably answer them...

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What We Learned From Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII’s Compelling Demo


'Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII' has a mouthful of a title. But the demo indicates it's going to be a game worth buying.

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IO Interactive Drops Some Tantalizing Hints About The Next ‘Hitman’

'Hitman' is coming, courtesy of longtime developer IO Interactive. And there are some tantalizing hints about what's coming.

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‘Kingdom Hearts III’ Looks Ambitious And A Little Confusing In Its First Gameplay Trailer


At long last, some actual (somewhat rough) footage of 'Kingdom Hearts III'...

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New ‘Thief’ Trailer Showcases Impressive Graphics, Not Much Stealth

The new 'Thief' trailer is impressive in some respects, but it also raises more questions...


‘Tomb Raider’ Is Getting A Sequel, In Both Comic And Game Form


'Tomb Raider' may have "only" sold nearly four million copies, but apparently Square Enix will give it another shot.

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‘Deus Ex: The Fall’ Will Apparently Be At E3


'Deus Ex: The Fall' will be offering multiple paths to butt-kicking at E3, or at least that's what Eidos is hinting.

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Square Enix’s Definition Of ‘Weak’ Is A Bit… Off


Yeah, if your games move nearly four million copies and you still lose money, maybe it's not the games that are the problem, Square Enix.

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Fox Is Fast And Furiously Rebooting ‘Hitman’ With Paul Walker. No, Really.


Only five years after Timothy Olyphantastic played 'Hitman', Fox is rebooting it with Paul Walker. This is real. This is an idea someone had.

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“Final Fantasy XIII-2″: Initial Impressions


I should get one thing off my chest, before we get into this: I hate JRPGs, so, by extension, I hate "Final Fantasy".

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Another Day, Another Gaming Service Hacked

You know, you'd think game companies, of all people, would be aware that their fan base tends to have a large contingent of teenage nerds, who also tend to be interested in computers and also tend to be interested in the online equivalent of mailbox baseball.

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First Look At “Tomb Raider” Shows Lara Croft Getting Gritty

Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix are rebooting Tomb Raider, take Lara Croft back to her start as an adventurer, and the first gameplay video was unveiled at E3 this week.

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So, How Did Squeenix Screw Over GRIN?

You probably didn't play "Bionic Commando", one of Capcom's biggest bombs for no explicable reason, but it was actually really fun, and also one of the few "Gears of War" knockoffs that was actually fun to play.

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