Meet Marky Mark, The Squirrel That Comes Running When His Name Is Called

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An Austin man saved a baby squirrel from an electrical fire during SXSW and the two have since formed a delightfully adorable bond.


Watch This Pool Repairman Rescue A Drowning Squirrel By Giving It CPR

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A pool repairman in Phoenix, Arizona saw a squirrel drowning and did the only natural thing by resuscitating it back to life.


An Arizona Woman Called 911 Because Of A Squirrel Fighting A Snake

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Scottsdale authorities say they taken nearly 400 calls from residents who report seeing snakes near their homes, streets or sidewalks.

Say Hello To This Philadelphia Man Walking His Pet Squirrel Around On A Leash

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A man has been spotted walking around with a pet squirrel on a leash in Southwest Philadelphia. This is not a drill.


This Is Why You Should Never Try To Take Selfies With Squirrels

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This man perfectly demonstrates over a two part photo series why you should not take selfies with wild animals,


This Newspaper Sheriff’s Report Is The Ultimate First World Problem

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The most 2014 thing to be published in a newspaper yet.


The Scourge Of SquAIDS: Town Gripped In Fear Of Squirrel AIDS Epidemic Prank

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It was only a matter of time before the SquAIDS came for us all. The Squaipocalypse has begun in New Jersey.


Ramon The Talking Squirrel


Ramon the squirrel is very thankful for his walnuts. Here, let him tell you about it.


A Photoshop Maestro Turned This Squirrel Into All Of Your Favorite Superheroes

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Spanish artist Santiago Perez turned one heroic-looking squirrel into popular superheroes using Photoshop.


Timur Bekmambetov’s flesh-eating squirrel movie has a poster

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Squirrels is still in pre-production and doesn't even have a director attached, but that's not stopping producer (and Wanted director) Timur Bekmambetov from trying to Snakes on a Plane it into existence through sheer internet novelty value.


Timur Bekmambetov’s ‘Squirrels’ Might Give The SyFy Network Some Competition

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I’m still pretty hesitant to believe that this is really and isn’t part of some grand viral marketing scheme for another film, but apparently director Timur Bekmambetov has been hard at work trying to produce the film Squirrels, which is about – you guessed it – squirrels.


REVIEW: White House Down is not stupid enough

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Choosing a favorite scene in White House Down is tough.


13 Animals Who Are Excited That 'Jurassic Park 4' Is Back On

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One month after Universal put 'Jurassic Park 4' on hold, it's back with a new release date. These 13 cute animals are pumped about it.


Squirrel Attacks Deer


Don't mess with this squirrel's food, or you might get thrown into the woods like this poor deer.


Ninja Squirrel


After going on a rampage in a fourth story kitchen, this squirrel escapes out the window in style.


Disney World Sure Has Changed & Your Morning Links

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Ahh, Fleshlights and Tapout shirts, just the way I remember childhood.


Conspiracy Theories, Zen Cats, And Links


The Best Of ‘Community’s’ #Abed |UPROXX| Julie Bowen Makes Jeremy Lin Greater |With Leather| Project X kid was in a Bang Bus movie |Film Drunk| ‘Community’ News’: Exclusive Photos From The NYC Viewing Party And More |Warming Glow| Meme Watch: First World Dogs Need [...].


BREAKING: Clint Eastwood is friends with a squirrel

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As far as I can tell, the source for this story is ContactMusic, which means it's probably not true at all BUT OH GOD I HOPE IT'S TRUE THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STORY OF OUR GENERATION.


Sports Fans, Jedi Squirrels, and Links


Thanks to Stinky Pete for screencapping this.

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