Put A Little Ass On It: Embracing The Magic Of ‘WWE Originals’

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Take a look back at 'WWE Originals,' the CD that gave us Basic Thuganomics AND a song about Rikishi putting his ass on babies.


Nü Metal Jacket: Revisiting WWF Forceable Entry 12 Years On

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It's been 12 years since the classic (?) WWF Forceable Entry CD. Let's take a walk down Nu Metal memory lane.


The WWE Divas Guide To Drafting Your Fantasy Football Wide Receivers

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Need help picking your favorite fantasy football wide receivers for this season? Allow the WWE's most famous women to help.


Stacy Keibler Married Some Guy Who Isn't George Clooney Or Even David Flair

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Former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler married her boyfriend in Mexico over the weekend, and her statement seems like it was written with someone in mind.


Stacy Keibler Is Doing Spokesperson Work For Charmin, Because Her Entire Life Revolves Around Her Butt

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Former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler helped open a bunch of Charmin-themed restrooms at yesterday's Ravens/Broncos game in Denver, because her career is "ass."


This Week In Horrible-Looking People: Triple H & 50 More Ridiculous WWE Promo Photos

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Our weekly look back through the best and worst of pro wrestling promo photos continues.


Instagram Of The Day: Kate Upton Made Chopstick Mustaches With Stacy Keibler & Maria Menounos

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This Instagram image doesn't come with a lot of context -- all that accompanied it in its tweet was "Just girls bein girls" -- but hey, Kate Upton, Stacy Keibler and Maria Menounos hung out last night, all sat on the same side of the table (.


Meme Watch: ‘2/10, Would Not Bang’ Is Here To Help Point Out The Flaws You May Have Missed

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Stop me if you've heard this, but apparently the internet can occasionally be overly hyper-critical.


The With Leather Discussion: Has Anyone Ever Climbed The Ladder Like Stacy Keibler?

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In case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve been trying to develop more of an open forum atmosphere within these UPROXX sites as a means of making our conversations broader and more engaging, all to enhance the overall reading experience.


The 10 Definitive George Clooney Movie GIFs

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I don't have much of an idea what The Descendants is about but I dig Alexander Payne movies (Klein was da bomb in Election, yo.


Wednesday Wild Card: Keibler, Brady, Beckham And The World Series Of Poker

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A ton of stuff happens in the sports world each week and there are only two of us here to try to scoop up as much as we can and shove into all into your eyeballs like an ocular smoothie of awesome.


Morning Links: The Underwear Games

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Sports PoV: The Lingerie Basketball League - The part of me that assumes women are human beings and my equal thinks this probably shouldn't be a thing.


The Sights, Celebrities And Bikinis Of The 136th Preakness Stakes

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If you weren’t taking inventory of your beef jerky and pornography for the rapture on Saturday, there’s a good chance that you tuned into the 136th annual Preakness Stakes to see Shackleford out-horse the rest of this year’s equine contenders.


1.19 The Cooler

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Nikki B Has The Look Ralph Lauren Spring 2010 [Culture Shoq] When Life Imitates A Dr.



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Former WWE wrestler/Stacy Keibler beau Andrew Martin was found dead in his Tampa-area apartment Friday night.



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Here's a little something from the vault to send you on your way this Thanksgiving: Stacy Keibler versus Trish Stratus for the WWE ladyweight championship some years ago, which was apparently decided in a large tub of gravy.



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It's always nice to see former Ravens cheerleader, WWE moll, and Dancing with the Stars eye candy Stacy Keibler getting work.

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