A Sinkhole Tried To Gobble Up Austin Peay’s Football Stadium

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What started as a small, almost insignificant hole at Austin Peay's football stadium has turned into a sinkhole 40-feet wide and deep.


A $60 Million HS Football Stadium Has Closed Because Texas Is Great At Money And Bad At Buildings

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Eagle Stadium, the $60 million monstrosity built for Texas high school football, has closed in only 18 months due to severe cracks in its concourse. Whoops!


The LEGO Movie Was Awesome, So Here’s 45 Great Sports Things Made Out Of LEGOs

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In honor of the crazy success of The LEGO Movie, we're taking a look back at 45 great, bad and unforgettable sports things recreated with LEGOs. In LEGO?


Pour One Out For Kirby Puckett And Watch The Metrodome Take Its Final Breath

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Say goodbye to Minnesota's Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, which was deflated for the last time over the weekend. A new stadium will be built on its grounds.


A World Cup Stadium Collapsed In Brazil And Killed At Least 3 People

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A World Cup stadium under construction in Brazil collapsed and has killed at least three people, according to reports. The pictures are terrifying.


The Atlanta Braves Are Ditching Decrepit, 16-Year Old Turner Field For A New House In The Suburbs

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The Atlanta Braves are moving to Cobb County, GA, in 2017, leaving Atlanta's Turner Field after only 20 years.


The With Leather Photo Tour Of Marlins Park

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This weekend was a busy one for me -- attending Wrestlemania XXVIII, meeting Dave "Masked Man" Shoemaker from Grantland, trying to figure out what the sh*t a "Sun Pass" is -- but one of the biggest highlights was attending Sunday's exhibition game between the New York Yankees and the new look Miami Marlins in brand-spanking-new Marlins Park in Miami.


Just Call It 'Huffington Post Park' And Be Done With It

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Who's ready to pack up the ol' cooler and head down to Matsumura Fishworks & Tamaribuchi Heavy Manufacturing Concern Ballpark to see the Marlins.


PETA: Everyone’s Screwing The Fish

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As the Florida Marlins continue to design the nuances and luxuries of their new $515 million Miami Ballpark, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have taken issue with the team’s decision to place two giant aquariums – featuring live exotic fish – behind home plate.


Heinz Field Does Not Still Have Your Wallet

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I'm not much of a criminal, but I feel like the all of the benefits to committing a break in are monetary.



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Future home of asshole fans Despite being richer than pharaohs, the Yankees have saddled the city of New York with more than twice as much money as the city agreed to chip in for the new Yankee Stadium.



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The city of Seattle has approved a request to open a Deja Vu strip club across the street from Safeco Field, despite the Mariners' attempt to block it.

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