Stana Katic

Filling the Alison Brie GIF Void Option #1: Stana Katic


On an otherwise slow news day, news arrives that ABC has ordered an additional episode of "Castle" this season, bringing its total to 23.

Stana Katic

‘Castle’ Goes Noir


"Castle" has a new promotional photo for its upcoming Season 4, and as you can see, it's all washed out and noir-y.


Will The Authority Get A Film…Without Warren Ellis?

If you've never read Warren Ellis' superhero book The Authority, it has a simple premise: What if superheroes stopped trying to maintain the status quo and actively tried to improve the world.


Three Villains Revealed For Arkham Asylum 2?

For a place that's so hard for Batman to sneak into, Arkham Asylum sure has a hell of a lot of leaks.

Stana Katic



Last night's episode of "Castle" -- the second half of a two-part cliffhanger -- marked a ratings high for the ABC crime series, winning its time slot in part because of the "Dancing with the Stars" lead-in.

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