Chronic Fatigue Might Be All In Your Head (Literally)

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Doctors at Stanford used brain scans to try and pinpoint the real cause of CFS.


Solomon Thomas Committed To Stanford With A Prop Tree And Some ‘Revenge Of The Nerds’ Glasses

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College standout Solomon Thomas announced his commitment to Stanford, and did so using a tiny prop tree and some Revenge of the Nerds glasses with nose tape


Ray Lewis Wants You To Get Pissed Off For Greatness

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Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis is best known for watching a dude murder someone his leadership abilities and unstoppable determination.


JediBot Wants To Sword Fight Humans, Stanford University Approved (Video)

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Although Stanford University still hasn't approved my most recent application (this one written in pencil), I refuse to believe that their entire campus is as lazy as the admissions department.

#video games

Scientists Play Pac-Man With Paramecium, Dice With The Universe

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Ingmar Riedel-Kruse and his team at Stanford University have created several "biotic games" using biological processes (video below).


Please Don’t Tell Me Choosing Between Andrew Luck And Jimmy Clausen Is A Hard Decision

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Jimmy Clausen has been one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL this season, and that's not hyperbole.


Solar Cells Stop Being So Lazy


We all know that solar cells generate electricity by absorbing the sun's light.


Stem Cells Could Cure Hearing Loss. Say what?

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As we age, we tend to lose auditory <a href="">hair cells</a> inside the cochlea, leading to hearing loss and possibly to balance disorders (my bank account has a balance disorder, <a href="">hiyoooo!</a>).

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