Stanley Cup Finals

The Los Angeles Kings Made A Margarita In The Stanley Cup Like True Champs Should


Justin Williams and Alec Martinez of the Los Angeles Kings joined Jimmy Kimmel in drinking margaritas from the Stanley Cup.

Stanley Cup Finals

Watch A Celebrating LA Kings Fan Walk Across The Ice In High Heels And Completely Eat It

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Watch a young lady in high heels walk across the ice during a post-Stanley Cup Finals celebration and completely eat it.


Larry David And Charissa Thompson Should Definitely Have Their Own Hockey Show

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Celebrity sports fan dynamic duo Larry David and Charissa Thompson are the best at loud pre-game Stanley Cup analysis and selfies.

Stanley Cup Finals

Scientific Report: Boston Bruins Fans Eased Their Loss With Tons And Tons Of Porn

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If you're like me (a Washington Capitals fan) you have so much time to watch porn.


CM Punk Won A Hockey Bet With John Cena, Got To Hold The Stanley Cup

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Former WWE Champion CM Punk made his return to WWE at the Payback PPV in his hometown of Chicago during the home stretch of the Blackhawks' Cup run.


The Chicago Blackhawks Won The Stanley Cup, And Everybody Loves Gary Bettman

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The Chicago Blackhawks scored two goals in the final 1:16 of play to beat the Bruins out of nowhere and take home the Stanley Cup last night, and in case you missed it, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman gets the same reaction as WWE's Vickie Guerrero.


With Leather’s Watch This: The Chicago Blackhawks Can Count

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The Chicago Blackhawks posted the above image to their Instagram account yesterday with the caption “No caption needed.


Austin's KXAN Ruined Hockey For Everyone

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If you were watching Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals from anywhere outside of central Texas, you saw Brent Seabrook score a game-winning goal for the Chicago Blackhawks in sudden death overtime.


With Leather's Watch This: Miami's Local News Called Heat Fans Idiots For Leaving Early

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As someone who has a standing rule to leave all Orlando Magic games with two minutes left to beat the slow jerkwads down the escalators, I understand that people want to dip out a little earlier than the rest of the mob.


Tuukka Rask Ain’t Care About The FCC

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The Boston Bruins decided to put an end to the Stanley Cup Finals’ perfect run of overtime games last night with a 2-0 win over the Chicago Blackhawks in Game 3.


With Leather’s Watch This: A Russian Dog Really Doesn’t Want A Bath, Comrades


And here I thought that my dog acted ridiculous when I tell her it's time for a bath.


Here Is A List Of Every Synonym For “Pass” That Doc Emrick Used In Game 1 Of The Stanley Cup Finals

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Way, way, way back on Wednesday, June 12, the NHL hosted Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks, and after what felt like an eternity, the ‘Hawks wrapped up a 4-3 triple overtime victory.


Meet The People Who Are Actually Furious That The Stanley Cup Finals Preempted Jay Leno’s ‘Tonight Show’

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Breaking: People actually wanted to watch Jay Leno on their televisions. Go figure.

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With Leather’s Watch This: Jimmy Kimmel Humiliates Miami Heat Fans

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Jimmy Kimmel’s “Lie Witness News” is probably my favorite thing on television, because there’s nothing I love more than watching people act like they know what they’re talking about when they clearly have no clue.

Stanley Cup Finals

Poll: Who Victory-Cursed Better?

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Since there's no artsy gallery of riot photos from downtown Los Angeles this morning, we've got the next best thing: players dropping f-bombs in live post-game interviews.


You Guys, We Should Be Watching Hockey

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As we touched on yesterday, the NHL and NBC are having a little trouble getting people to watch the Stanley Cup Finals, mainly because New Jersey and Los Angeles don’t have the biggest fan bases, but also because nobody knows what channel the games are on.

Stanley Cup Finals

You Gotta Hit The Devil Way Down In The Hole


KTLA-TV news reporter Allie MacKay spanks a mascot, because.


Nobody Is Watching The Stanley Cup Finals

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As I wrote a few weeks ago, it was very easy for NHL experts and analysts to label the Los Angeles Kings a Cinderella story because of how bad they sucked early on in the season.

taiwanese animation

Taiwan's Idea To Improve The Stanley Cup Finals: Voodoo, Bear Fights

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My interest in the NHL season checked out with the Caps, but here's a quick recap of what's going on: the Los Angeles Kings are up 3-0 against the New Jersey Devils in the Stanley Cup Finals, and, more importantly, Taiwan's Next Media animation is recreating it as a Pro Bending battle between a bunch of guys dressed like the Burger King and the literal Devil.


The Best Of The Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Victory Parade

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It seems like we just can't go a single day without hearing more bad news about the aftermath of the Stanley Cup Finals.

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