‘Sliced And Diced': A Brief History Of Composers Who Had Their Film Scores Modified Or Scrapped

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'Blackhat' director Michael Mann allegedly scrapped most of composer Harry Gregson-Williams's score, and it's not the first time.


About The Time Stanley Kubrick Stiffed Gene Kelly On His Song Rights For ‘A Clockwork Orange’

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Kubrick never paid Kelly for rights to 'Singin' in the Rain,' played in 'A Clockwork Orange'


Watch A New Trailer For The Special Re-release Of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’

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It's like a Christopher Nolan trailer, without all the **BRAHMS**


IKEA Singapore’s New Halloween Commercial Is A Spooky Tribute To ‘The Shining’


Who knew the furniture store would be the perfect setting for a horror movie?


Watch This Amazing Kubrick Tribute Video ‘Stanley Kubrick’s Poetry’

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Why pay all that money for film classes when you can just watch this video instead?

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These GIFs Showing The Parallels Between ‘Mad Men’ And ’2001: A Space Odyssey’ Are Neat As Hell

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These GIFs illustrate just how much 'Mad Men' has paid homage to Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece this season.


Stanley Kubrick's Longtime Producing Partner Calls 'Room 237' 'Idiotic'

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You know who *doesn't* think 'The Shining' is an elaborate conspiracy? The guy who researched and produced it.


Enjoy This Collection Of Stanley Kubrick’s Photographs Of The NYC Subway From The 1940s

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Before becoming a director, Stanley Kubrick took photos for Look of...the New York City subway.


Now you can own the penis sculpture from A Clockwork Orange

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Before there was Maude Lebowski and her vaginal art, there was A Clockwork Orange and penis-art-as-murder-weapon (think of the symbolism, bro).


Armond White calls everyone nerds and explains how Ebert ruined everything

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It's been a while since we last checked in with Armond White, everyone's favorite vociferant contemptularian, and three-time exalted cyclops of the Bull Moose Moving Picture Society of the 1934 World's Fair.

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Steven Spielberg to ruin Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon movie

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It's all but gospel now that Stanley Kubrick once conceived a perfect movie called AI, but died before he could make it, at which point Steven Spielberg took over and added an ending that was just him raining a warm piss stream on Kubrick's dead face.


Stanley Kubrick counted ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ among his favorite films

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Criterion has a nice feature on directors and their favorite films, and while it's hard to do one on Stanley Kubrick, considering he's both (a) reclusive and (b) dead, Criterion writer Josh Warren claims to have compiled a list based on "interviews with Kubrick's family, friends and colleagues.


The Original Ending Of ‘The Shining’ Has Been Discovered… Kind Of

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As I discussed recently in a very random tribute, Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is one of my absolute favorite movies of all-time (Category: All; Sub-Category: Horror).


Come Play With Us, Danny: A Definitive Gallery Of Tributes To ‘The Shining’

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One of my least favorite questions in the world is: “What’s your favorite movie.


Kubrick: One-Point Perspective


This brilliantly-edited supercut highlights Stanley Kubrick’s use of “one-point perspective” (shots where spatial planes converge at one vanishing point in the distance) in his iconic films, including The Shining, A Clockwork Orange, Full Metal Jacket, and 2001: A Space Odyssey.


Stanley Kubrick Would Have Made A Pretty Good FilmDrunkard

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Back in 2008, the book "The Stanley Kubrick Archives" was released as a huge collection of the late director’s interviews, notes and thoughts on his films, as well as interviews with the people who worked with him over the years.


Kubrick And The Beatles Almost Made Lord Of The Rings

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A couple months ago I learned The Beatles nearly made a Lord of The Rings movie.

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Robert Duvall: ‘Kubrick was an actor’s enemy’, ‘Get off my lawn’

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Robert Duvall has probably been in more good movies than you've watched, and recently, Hollywood Reporter decided to mix things up by sticking him on a panel with a bunch of fresh-faced, booger-cheeked youngins like Baby Goose and Jesse Eisenberg for an actor's round table.


Kubrick’s lost film about carnies to star Rockwell, ScarJo

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A lost work of Stanley Kubrick's is being brought to the big screen, hopefully without Spielberg to screw it up this time.

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